LEARN HOW TO SOW IN GOOD SOIL — Follow Me Into Eternity

A PARABLE IS AN EARTHLY STORY CONTAINING A HEAVENLY MEANING – IT HAS APPLICATIONS FOR US TODAY ON EARTH AND IN ETERNITY TO COME. The Word of God is a book of answers and not a book of perpetual puzzles. The BIBLE was written over 1,600 years, by 40 different authors, on three continents, in […]

LEARN HOW TO SOW IN GOOD SOIL — Follow Me Into Eternity



The Word of God is a book of answers and not a book of perpetual puzzles. The BIBLE was written over 1,600 years, by 40 different authors, on three continents, in 3 languages, on 100’s of subjects, with COMPLETE HARMONY, without CONTRADICTION! The SCRIPTURES have one Central Storyline, GOD’S REDEMPTION OF MANKIND THROUGH JESUS CHRIST (HIS SON) THE WORD OF GOD.

Some people understand and believe His Word, while others refuse to hear it all together. When His disciples asked why He spoke to the crowd in parables, Jesus answered, “Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them, it is not given” (Matthew 13:11). The inability to understand the things of God is not due to a lack of clarity or precise instructions laid out in His Word. But instead a sign of reprobation. People choose not to hear the things of God. Since they do not want to keep God in their knowledge, He will give them over to a reprobate (depraved) mind. (Romans 1:28). So once again, we will reap what we sow. “If we sow to the flesh, we will reap corruption, but if we sow to the Spirit, we shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting…” (Galatians 6:8).


Jesus taught many valuable lessons through parables but, before we look at this parable, let us first explain what a parable is. The Word parable in the Greek is (parabola), which signifies placing beside or together, to make a comparison. A parable is, therefore, literally a story, an illustration of one subject by another. Parables generally teach one pivotal point or principle.

The parables of Jesus are unique in approach and effectiveness because they reflect everyday experiences of people, with emotional endings that bring the message home powerfully. People listened with astonishment and searched for spiritual answers with life-changing applications. Emphasis placed at the end of the story – making a definite conclusion that led the listener to accept the message as Jesus taught these stories.

Parables hold the “mysteries of the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 13:11), as well as “things which had been kept secret from the foundation of the world” (Matthew 13:35).  The beautiful Gospel of Christ has revealed these mysteries and secret things to believers.

The Apostle Paul was writing to Roman Saints, who were causing divisions in the church. He was urging them to be wise and continue in prayer. Paul shares a promise: “Now to him that is of power to establish you according to my Gospel, and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began, but now is made manifest, and by the scriptures of the prophets, according to the commandment of the everlasting God, made known to all nations for the obedience of faith: To God only wise, be glory through Jesus Christ forever. Amen” (Romans 16:25-27).


The Parable of The Sower Paraphrased:

A farmer spreads seed that falls into four types of soil. The birds eat the seed that falls on hard soil because it never sunk into the ground. A seed that falls on rocks springs up quickly but withers due to lack root. The seed that falls in weeds are choked out and overtaken for lack of sun. The seed that falls in GOOD SOIL produces much fruit.

This parable explains that the four soils symbolize four types of hearts and the responses after people hear the proclamation of the kingdom of God. The parable challenges us to receive the Word about the kingdom of heaven. To focus on that message and grow. A real hearing and understanding of the message of the Kingdom of God becomes a crucial lesson and can help a believer in producing a productive life.

The purpose of a parable is always to explain the truth. When a person cannot understand or see a fact, then you use a story. You take something familiar to them, something that they can understand, and incorporate this into an account that teaches the principles that you are trying to get across to them.

Jesus noticed that the people were not listening when He spoke simple truths, so He began to tell stories to encourage the people to listen to Him. Jesus spoke in the language of the people – He taught at their level. Jesus taught this way to convey the message of salvation and the kingdom clearly and straightforwardly.

THE SOWER: The emphasis of the parable is not on the sower; it is on the seed, and what happens to the grain when it falls on different soils. A sower went out to sow, and as he sowed, some seed fell by the wayside on a stony place among thorns on good ground. In this parable, the seed fell on four distinct types of soil. So, the “sower” in this parable likely refers to Jesus.

THE SEED: The seed is the Word of the Kingdom – (Matthew 13:19a). The seed also stands for the Gospel of the Kingdom, which was the theme of Jesus’ preaching – (Matthew 4:23).

LET’S REVIEW THE FOUR SOILS:  1) Seed that falls on hard soil, 2) Seed that falls on rocks, 3) Seed that falls in weeds, and 4) Seed that falls in GOOD SOIL.

“THE WAYSIDE” (The First Soil)

The wayside was the path where people walked, and nothing could grow there in part because the ground was too hard. Like birds eating seed on the road, the devil snatches the Word away from people’s hearts so that it does not take root there. This seed symbolizes people who are hearers only and never allow the Word to take root in their lives. In Luke Chapter 8, he gives us a few more words of Christ concerning it in his Gospel. “The field is the world, the seed is the Word of God, and he who sows it is the Son of man, Jesus Christ.”

This soil stands for one who “hears….and does not understand” (Matthew 13:19a). Also, these are those who have hardened their hearts before hearing the Word – (Matthew 13:15). God’s Word sown throughout the world; some of it falls on the wayside.

The “birds” represent “the wicked one” (called “the devil” in Luke 8:12) who snatches away the Word from those with harden hearts. Their condition, therefore, is one of being “blinded” by Satan to the Gospel – (2 Corinthians 4: 3-4).

While Satan contributes to their blindness, they confirm it in the hardness of heart! So, there is an immediate rejection. There is nothing, and there is no response. The Word doesn’t take root. It does nothing.

“THE STONY PLACES” (The Second Soil)

This soil stands for the one who “hears the word and at once receives it with joy” (Matthew 13:20), “yet has no root in themselves and endures only for a while.” So, “when tribulation or persecution arises, immediately they stumble” (Matthew 13:20-21b). They’ve never rooted themselves in the truth. They’ve never really studied the Word to any significant degree. They’ve never developed a solid foundation for their faith.

When the time comes to stand and pay the price to be a Christian, many do not pass the test. Their faith was superficial. The righteous person, on the other hand, flourishes like a tree planted by streams of water: According to Psalm 1:3, “He shall be like a tree Planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; And whatever he does shall prosper.”

People with no deep roots are often shallow people – these people tend to lack courage, conviction, stability, and perseverance.  Every wind of doctrine that blows their way entices them. They are those who receive the Word with joy having a tremendous emotional experience, but there is no depth. And when trials come, persecution begins to come, they fall away, because they lack depth.

This Stony Place teaches us that an emotional reaction without a solid foundation based upon the Word will not enable one to stand against tribulation and persecution. So, when troubles arise in their lives, there is no endurance and stumbling occur.

“AMONG THE THORNS” (The Third Soil)

This third category of seed is that which fell among thorns. These are people with hearts who have received the Word of God. There has been that development within them through the Word, but thorns have grown up with it. Because the thorns ultimately choke out the life of the Word, it becomes unfruitful. These thorns are the cares of this world, the deceitfulness of riches, and the desire for other things. Unfortunately, this scenario represents many of us today.

This seed seems to have a better chance for growth and development than the other two we previously discussed. However, thorns and thistles come and overtake what has sprouted — depriving the seedings of moisture and light, choking them, and stunting their growth. Likewise, the cares of this world choke out the fruitfulness the Word could produce in our lives. Thus, we are not bringing forth that fruit the Lord desires.

“THE GOOD GROUND” (The Fourth Soil)

The three earlier fields should not discourage God’s workers. Instead, we should take faith that many who respond to God’s Word will grow to full ripeness. For many believers, these three fields could be stages of growth toward fullness in Christ. Believers should take courage during the seasons of life, for in these times, they grow in the knowledge of God. These three stages are opportunities to draw near to God and let His Word guide you toward maturity. Thus, pray to receive an abundant harvest as you acknowledge God in all your ways.

Good ground describes soil that is both fertile and weed-free. A good, productive crop grows in this field. This soil stands for the one who “hears the Word and understands it” (Matthew13:23a), “bearing fruit and producing good works for the kingdom” (Matthew 13:23b).

They hear the Word with a humble and kind heart, becoming doers of the Word and not hearers only. Luke summarizes the outcome of this group of believers: “But that on the good ground are they, which in an honest and good heart, having heard the word, keep it, and bring forth fruit with patience” (Luke 8:15).

They received the Word willingly with all readiness while: “searching the Scriptures daily to find out whether these things were so” (Acts 17:11).

One must note the importance of “understanding” concerning “bearing fruit.” Jesus made the connection between the two in this parable: “But he who received seed on the good ground is he who hears the word and understands it, who indeed bears fruit and produces: some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty” (Matthew 13:23). -NKJV

Paul also connects the two and reminds us to fix our eyes on heaven. Because of the hope which is laid up for you in heaven, of which you heard before in the word of the truth of the gospel, which has come to you, as it has also in all the world, and is bringing forth fruit, as it is also among you since the day you heard and knew the grace of God in truth” (Colossians 1:5-6). -NKJV

When one “knows the truth,” they will more likely “bear fruit,”; but the key to understanding is having a “good and humble heart” that is willing to listen, study, meditate and apply the truths we hear.


Understanding which of the four soils we are planting our seed in will help motivate us one way or another. Remember, it is one thing to understand the principles of parables, and it is quite another thing to apply them to your life. If we are looking to incorporate the Word into our lives, we first need to know which kind of soil our seed is falling on. Redirecting our lives, asking God to heal our hearts, and faithfully seeking the GOOD SOIL should be our mission in life. An ongoing question in life should be, “What kind of soil are we?”

“THE WAYSIDE” – If you have heard the Gospel of Christ and His Kingdom, but are not yet a Christian, you may be hardening your heart. You are susceptible to Satan’s deception in some form, to blind you and not allow the Word of God to have its intended effect!

“THE STONY PLACES” – If you responded to the Gospel at one time, without building a firm foundation in the faith, you would likely fall away when persecution or temptation comes your way!

“AMONG THE THORNS” – If you responded to the Gospel at one time, but are becoming too preoccupied with the cares, riches, and pleasures of this world, you will not be able to bear much fruit!

“THE GOOD SOIL” – If you have responded to the Gospel and are bearing fruit, your seed is growing. “Some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty” (Matthew 13:23).  In ‘The Parable of the Talents’ some receive more according to their ability.  And the use of what God has given them. – (Matthew 25:14-15). Whatever our talents and gifts, we should exercise them according to God’s leading.


When your seed is growing:

  • You have a kind and humble heart!
  • You understand and are applying God’s Word!
  • You have been faithfully keeping His Word with patience!
  • You are sharing the Good News with others!
  • The Word of God has been able to produce its intended effect in you!

You have become a “FRUIT-BEARING” BELIEVER when you see the following things happening in your life:

  • The fruit of winning souls to Christ – Romans 1:13.
  • The fruit of practical holiness – Romans 6:22.
  • The fruit of sharing material things – Romans 15:27.
  • The fruit of the Spirit (i.e., a Christ-like character) – Galatians 5:22-23.
  • The fruit of good works – Colossians 1:10.
  • The fruit of praise and thanksgiving – Hebrews 13:15.

Study God’s Word and Apply The Promises

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  1. IS GOD’S IMAGE ON THE AUCTION BLOCK? WOULD YOU SELL IT FOR THE PRICE OF AN APPLE?Is God’s image on the Auction block? What will a man give in exchange for his soul? If not His image than who’s? God created man in His own image, unfortunately, for the price of an apple, Adam, and Eve discarded their true reflection. Your soul is eternal, and the image of Christ is essential.The world is going to pass away and the lust thereof. Then the question, “what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” What would you take for your soul? Some of you have been wandering in the wilderness in your Christian experience, maintaining a barren soul. His image just a dimming light. God is calling you to spark up the flame, pass over Jordan, and enter the promised land.Once upon a Midlife crisis I found myself staring in my mirror, chanting; “You have potential, believe, receive and conquer the day. I will never fail only sale-sale-sale because I love myself and deserve all.” Chasing my shadow, seeking my own image, looking into mirrors only to find the wrong reflection of my soul.When I was a sales Rep, I bought into the self-esteem movement. I was visualizing my future posting pictures of cars, houses, and buckets full of money all around my home. I was told that whatever I thought could be achieved if I believed it to be true. Think it, believe it, and receive it.To my surprise this career was short lived. I never attain anything I was promised in all the books I bought and seminars I paid to attend. Selling a weight loss product for a year and I never lost a pound. I could not even push self-esteem motivational tapes even after all the prep in front of the mirror.Even as a kid I bought into POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN, otherwise known as the Great Spinach Conspiracy.“I’m Popeye the Sailor Man. I’m strong to the finich, cause I eats me spinach. I’m Popeye the Sailor Man.” I would flex in front of the mirror after each portion of that green stuff. Never looking like the bodybuilder promised, I lost all faith in this guyThe most painful deception was when I realized walking on fire only burnt my feet. Seeking my potential in the reflection of my mirror only for it to laughed out loud at me. Self-image, self-esteem with all their trappings only held up my true purpose in life. Even then God’s still small voice was saying “It is My Image Stupid!”God’s Word tells us to esteem others more highly then ourselves. To humble our self in the sight of the Lord and He will lift us up. We are also instructed that who by giving any thought could add one hair to their head. Jesus put it this way, “And which of you with taking thought can add to his stature one cubit?” (Luke 12:25).Even though we lost our image of God in the garden we are still destined to be like Him. He is the only “pattern” we must follow. And because he really lives his life in us, we too can “walk even as He walked,” “do as He done,” “love as He loved,” “forgive as He forgave,” and “have this mind which was also in Christ Jesus.” It is because He became like us that we are identified with Him and we can become like Him.Satan’s greatest weapon is man’s ignorance of God’s Word! Additionally, half of the truth is the worst part of the lie. With every temptation, there is a lie involved. (1) The Prove It Lie, (2) The “For It Is Written” Lie, and (3) The Short Cut Lie. The devil deceived Eve in the garden with these lies while Jesus was victorious in the wilderness.The devil would have us conform to the ways of this world through peer pressure. The Christian life is so different from the world’s way of thinking. The world wants their self-esteem to feel good, while God tells us to esteem others more highly than ourselves. Non-believers need their image to shine above all others, but God wants Jesus’s Image to prevail. The world says to go for it, no matter the cost. God’s Word tells us to count the cost.God’s image is worth the battle. Victories are won as we put off the old man and put on the new. Transformation into the image of Christ is only realized when we learn how to use the Word of God to overcome the world.When we become Christians, God does not remodel us or add to who we are – He transforms us. A Believer does not have two different natures. He has one new character – the single life in Christ. The old self dies, and the new person becomes alive; they do not coexist.God’s Word exhorts us, to “Put on the new man,” a new behavior that is proper to our original nature. But to do so, we must end the patterns and practices of our old life. Furthermore, He has given us the rules, the principles, the strategies, the armor, and the promises for fulfilling His purpose. If we will renew our minds and study the Word, then we will be able to sort out and discern the will of God. When we make the right decisions combined with some skills, we will succeed and come out on top.And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, “Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat; but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”“In the beginning God”. . .“And as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly” (1 Corinthians 15:49).Share
    LIAR-LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE“But above all, my brethren, do not swear, either by heaven or by earth or with any other oath. But let your “Yes” be “Yes,” and your “No,” “No,” lest you fall…
    “BE RENEWED IN THE SPIRIT OF YOUR MIND”Satan’s greatest weapon is man’s ignorance of God’s Word! We need to get our minds under control. We need to put on the whole armor of God and keep it on.…
    Follow conversation1 COMMENTvery good thinkin sirs God bless you do you mind me reblogging ?
    The Lord is my banner, my victory.His name holds the power to conquer.His love deepens my roots against the storm.I call out His name as the world grows darker.I kneel before His presence.I surrender it all at His feet.He adorns my head with a crown.He declares my victory.I am strengthened by His armor.No weapon formed against me will prosper.The enemy tries to kill me,But His blood has made me sharper.I am dressed in His mercy.I praise His name and banner.I proclaim His Word before me.I receive the undeserved Love and Favor.I will be His warrior.No matter the battle ahead.He is my commanding officerNo calamity I will dread.Defeat is what He calls the enemy.His lies cannot infiltrate the Blood.How much stronger are weThan when we demonstrate His love.He has won every battle,Of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.My future resides within His palm.So no event will end in sorrow.Jehovah Nissi, Hallelujah!I carry His flag within my heart.I can share in His victory,Because Jesus, because Jesus did my part.Devotional: “Names of God” series: Jehovah NissiIn times like this, it is easy to feel defeated. It is easy to feel depressed, without hope, and to be overcome by fear. It is harder to see the “bright-side”, to be a voice of encouragement, to be a beacon of hope, but because of Jesus, we don’t have to do anything to have the joy, peace, hope, grace, mercy, and favor of God. Jesus living within us automatically allows us to have and access His kingdom on earth. However, we do have a role to play. In order to access His kingdom and share in the benefits of the Lord, we must choose to have faith. We must choose to “seek first the kingdom of God.” We must choose to lift up the Lord’s name with praise and thanksgiving. We must choose to seek His wisdom, and we must choose to offer forgiveness. There has never been more of an urgency to seek the face of God than there is today. Recognize this time of isolation, solitude, and reflection as a gift from God. He is drawing in His church to renew their minds, to restore their hearts, and to transform their spirit. He is longing for the church to become healthy and well–not just physically, but spiritually.Above all, we must remember during times of trials and valleys that the Lord is our banner! He is Jehovah-Nissi! The first time we here this name of God is in Exodus 17: 15 after the Israelites had defeated the Amalek army. The first real battle of war the Israelites face after the exodus from Eqypt. “Moses built an altar there and names it Yaweh-Nissi (which means ‘The Lord is my banner’).” This battle is significant for the purpose and destiny of Israel. This is also the first time we meet Joshua, the man who would later become the infamous military commander who brings the nation of Israel into the promise land. There are many things that this battle can teach us about God, about prayer, and about our role in the kingdom.At the beginning of this story, (Exo. 17: 8-10) the Israelites are suddenly attacked by the Amalek army. This particular army is trained in pillaging other nations and gaining their spoils. This is how this particular nation made money. What is also interesting about this nation is that it is a cousin to Israel. Amalekites were descendants of Amalek, a grandson of Esau, the twin brother of Jacob (Israel). The Israelites, at this time, had not faced war with another nation since leaving Egypt, so when they are attacked they are not prepared to fight. However, Moses calls on Joshua, a brilliant military leader and man of God, to gather some men of Israel to go and fight the Amalek army. I could not imagine being one of those men, who were not really trained in battle–they were once slaves of Pharaoh, and being asked to fight an army that being a soldier was its profession. Talk about intimidating! However, Joshua and the men knew they would not be alone on the battle field. God would be with them, and He would go before them and protect the nation of Israel, as long as, Moses stood on the hilltop with his staff raised and praying to God and interceding for the nation of Israel.Joshua and his men go and fight the Amalek army, and they were successful only when Moses would hold up his staff. As soon as Moses would drop his hand, the Amalek army would advance on the Israelites. So this seems like an easy task for Moses, right? Well, Moses is human, and I don’t any humans who could hold up a piece of wood over their heads and pray for an entire day without dropping their hand. Moses grew weak and could not hold the staff up. However, Moses had gone to the hill top with Aaron and Hur, and these two young men found him a rock to sit on. Each man took Moses’ arms so that he could keep praying. By sunset, Joshua had conquered the battlefield. (Exo. 17: 10-13) This is a key moment. Moses’ role is so vital to the success of Israel.First, Moses’ relationship with God brought God’s presence and provision to the Israelites. Moses’ direction from God had already freed them from the Egyptians, and his constant communication with God provided them with manna and sustenance for their physical bodies during the long 40 year journey through the dessert. Israel needed Moses, but notice what is happening above. Moses is delegating the responsibility of protecting Israel to Joshua. He needs him to physically fight against the enemy while Moses did the most important work which was to pray for Israel.I find this to be such a clear picture of our role with God. We are to be working in tandem with God, praying for His kingdom come and will be done, while also making plans to defeat and conquer the trials and enemies within our lives. Prayer is so vital in times such as this. Our nation is being attacked by a foreign entity, and we as the body have the important role of praying for our nation, our leaders, and each other. We have a duty to hold up each others arms to sustain one another through the valley.So, how do we pray and intercede for our nation?In Exodus 17:10, it shows Moses, Aaron, and Hur climbing a near by hilltop that overlooks the battlefield. Notice he is not on the front lines holding the “rod of God”, but instead he is heading away from the battle. This is strategic of Moses. First of all, in our last post, we know that when communicating with God Moses usually separated himself away from the crowd to meet with God’s presence, and usually the secluded place was on the “mount.” This particular hilltop in Rephidim was a foothill to Mount Sinai–the place where Moses receives the Ten Commandments. We need to find a place, with no distractions, to meet with God’s presence. Second of all, Moses goes to the hilltop to gain perspective of the fight. When are faced with battles, it is wise to separate ourselves from the fight to communicate with God and to gain “His” perspective. We need to be getting in the word of God daily. We need to be in His presence daily. We need to be worshiping Him daily. We need to be in constant prayer, communing with our Lord. This is how we intercede for our nation.Just as Aaron and Hur held up the arms of their spiritual leader, we also should be lifting up our leaders: pastors, govenors, mayors, senators, and yes, even the president. Not just those we agree with, but especially for those we don’t. We should be sending words of encouragement, joy, and peace. We need to speak life into their families and positions so that they will also remain strong in the Lord, and their hearts and spiritual antennas will be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. This is so important. Christ calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves. This is how we love these neighbors. Regardless of who they are, we kneel and pray for their protection and for God’s favor to be over them.Intercession is so important, and Moses shows the nation of Israel and the Amalek army that God’s power is victorious. This is also a foreshadowing moment of Christ’s ultimate intercession for us on the cross. He is the Almighty Intercessor. He is constantly approaching the Father on our behalf.If we want to see the victory of God, we must intercede continuously and earnestly. Epaharus of the Colossian church prayed fervently for his community of believers. In Colossians 4:12-13, Paul states, “Epaphras, a member of your own fellowship and servant of Christ Jesus send you his greetings. He always prays earnestly for you, asking God to make you strong and perfect and fully confident to that you are following the whole will of God. I can assure you he prays hard for you and also for the believers in Laodicea and Hierapolis.” This is a spiritual leader who cares not just for his church but also for his community. He “doted” on his people with prayer. What a powerful and victorious picture of how we should be praying for our community, our families, our leaders, and our nations. God promises victory to those who fear him because rightful fear in the Lord aligns priorities, and it allows for you to be a co-worker of Christ to further God’s kingdom in this world. Psalm 60:4, David states, “But you have raised a banner for those who fear you–a rallying point in the face of attack.” When you allow God the victory, he not only claims the battleground, but he restores the land. He becomes the one who rallies in the face of the enemy. But in order for this to happen, we must step out of the way for God to shine. We must give up the command, and we must allow the captain of our eternal souls to call the shots.Throughout this “shelter in place” experience, I have been hearing a pattern of words from God through multiple avenues. We cannot experience the victory of Christ in our nation because our priorities need to be called into alignment. We cannot experience the victory of Christ in our nation because we are too addicted to living comfortably and too dependent on predictability. We cannot experience the victory of Christ in our nation because our homes have become refuges for idols. We cannot experience victory in our nation because we have simply bought the lie that “we’ve got this.” God calls his people out bondage many times throughout the Bible. What a beautiful display of unfailing love, unconditional forgiveness, and undeserved hope. He is once again calling us out of bondage, and He is lovingly giving us all the time in the world to do it. The real victory He has already accomplished, but we have to be willing to raise His banner. We have to record the victory for others to see.Lastly, in Exodus 17:14, it states, “After the victory, the Lord instructed Moses, ‘Write this down on a scroll as a permanent reminder, and read it aloud to Joshua: I will erase the memory of Amalek from under heaven.’ Moses built an altar there and named it Yahweh-Nissi (which means ‘the Lord is my banner’).” God wants us to remember the times he has shown you victory, and he not only wants you to remember them. He wants you to record them as a permanent and physical reminder what God has done in the supernatural for you. The purpose of the tangible reminder is for when the next time a battle emerges before you that you will know to raise your flag of victory and bring glory to God.I leave you with this. “In that day the heir to David’s throne will be a banner of salvation to all the world. The nations will rally to him, and the land where he lives will be a glorious place” (Isaiah 11:10). This is at the heart of my prayer for our nation. May we become a land worthy of His residence.Please let me pray for you: Heavenly Father, there are no words to describe Your worth. Your love for us is overwhelming and continual. Thank you Lord Jesus, for Your sacrifice and for claiming victory over the enemy for my sake. Thank you Lord for all of the undeserved blessings You have given me. Thank you Lord for Your provision, thank you Lord for Your peace, and thank you Lord for Your mercy and grace. Lord, I ask that You bless each person reading this today. I ask that You send Your protection to surround them and their loved ones. I ask that You give them joy and peace in the midst of all of this uncertainty. Lord, help us to keep our priorities in alignment to Your word, and guide our hearts and minds to the truth daily. We need You more than ever Lord to heal our hearts, our families, our neighbors, our enemies, and to unify us in the name of Jesus. We believe that You are Jehovah-Nissi. You are our banner of victory and we raise our flags to bring You glory. We love you Lord. To You be the glory, in Jesus Name Amen.Scriptures to Study:Exodus 17:8-15Colossains 4: 12-13Psalm 60Isaiah 11:10Songs of Worship:Surrounded (Fight My Battles) by UpperroomSee a Victory by Elevation WorshipWhom Shall I Fear God of Angels Armies by Chris Tomlin.Share
    Names of God: Jehovah RaphaJehovah Rapha The God who heals He is the power and might
    How Long Must I Wait?How long must I wait for you O’Lord? I need to see Your mighty face. My heart, soul, and spirit in one accord
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    Gost: p. IVAN VINKOV
    Tema: Isus Krist osloboditelj od zloga
    P. Ivan Vinkov rođene je 1962. godine u Bačkom Bregu u Vojvodini. Završava filozofski studij kod isusovaca u Zagrebu, a zatim i diplomira teologiju radom koji se bavi opsjednutošću i egzorcizmom. Za svećenika je zaređen 1998. godine. Već kao đakon asistirao je u egzorcizmima Godine 2001. nastavlja poslijediplomski studij duhovnosti na Papinskom sveučilištu Gregoriana u Rimu, gdje je izradio magisterij ”Opsjednutost i egzorcizam”, kao dopunu svoga diplomskog rada. Objavio je nekoliko članaka i kratkih filozofskih rasprava u dnevnim listovima i tjednicima te dao par intervjua na temu opsjednuća i egzorcizma. Sudjelovao je na međunarodnim i europskim kongresima egzorcista i suradnika u službi oslobađanja. Trenutno živi i djeluje u isusovačkom samostanu u Opatiji, te tamo vodi Centar za duhovnu pomoć.
    U ovo današnje vrijeme u kojem živimo vidimo napredak znanosti, računala i tehnike, te tako mnogi nastoje postići svoje ispunjenje. U tom razvojnom procesu javila se tendendcija transformiranja vjere, tj, oslobađanja vjere od otajstava i prilagođavanje duhu vremena. Takva nastojanja rezultirala su nijekanjem postojanja personalnih zlih sila i njihovog realnog djelovanja u svijetu. Gdje se nije otvoreno suprotstavljalo ovim istinama, prekrilo ih se šutnjom, a koji su o njima govorili, smatrani su zaostalima za duhom vremena. Ostavljajući iza sebe porušen svijet vrednota i duhovnu prazninu, totalitarizmi XX. stoljeća inicirali su traženje drukčijeg smisla života. Praksa potiskivanja spomenutih vjerskih istina s jedne strane, te duhovni “vakuum” nakon totalitarizama s druge strane, pobudili su interes za poganske religije i sve ikad postojeće magijske prakse. Snagom medija neopoganizam se počeo nametati kao panteon Novog svjetskog poretka, prikazujući magiju kao fenomene rubnog područja znanosti, umjetnosti i kulture. Uz već postojeći kaos na sociološkom području, fenomeni magije pojačani psiho-stimulansima (drogom) doveli su moderni svijet u strašno kraljevstvo psihijatrije. Tako je stvoreno “terapijsko ludo vrijeme” s ponudom alternativaca raznih vrsta.
    4 kommentarer
    Lägg till en offentlig kommentar …Ana Filipovic
    Ana Filipovic
    för 2 år sedan (redigerad)
    Andelka Barisic
    Andelka Barisic
    för 2 år sedan (redigerad)
    Osobno sam bila na seminarima Don Ivana Vinkova i moram reci da nesto ljepse za 54 godine i nisam dozivjela Slusala bih ga 24 casa bez prestanka.Bogu hvala na njemu4SVARA
    mary marry
    mary marry
    för 1 år sedan
    Jak svecenik, sve pohvale.1SVARA
    Ana Čalić
    Ana Čalić
    för 9 månader sedan
    Sve pohvale, Bog blagoslovio i čuvao pater Ivana Vinkova.
    https://youtu.be/caOuaGrS9aMISPIT SAVJESTI
    Kod zajedničkog ali i pojedinačnog moljenja može se obaviti pokajnički čin jednim od slijedećih obrazaca:Ispovijedam se Bogu svemogućemu i vama, braćo, da sagriješih vrlo mnogo mišlju, riječju, djelom i propustom: moj grijeh, moj grijeh, moj preveliki grijeh.
    Zato molim blaženu Mariju vazda Djevicu, sve anđele i svete, i vas, braćo,
    da se molite za me Gospodinu, Bogu našemu.iliSmiluj nam se Gospodine
    O. Jer smo sagriješili tebi.
    Pokaži nam, Gospodine, milosrđe svoje
    O. I spasenje svoje daj nam.Smilovao nam se svemogući Bog,
    otpustio nam grijehe naše
    i priveo nas u život vječni.
    O. AmenHIMANOtkupitelju svijeta blag,
    Božanski Spase, Isuse,
    Ti vječna Riječi Očeva,
    I vjernih sviju Čuvaru !Ti Vladar sveg si stvorenog,
    Vremena Rasporeditelj:
    Sad tijelu našem umornom
    Udijeli smiren počinak.Ti Pobjedniče svakog zla,
    Od Zloga nas oslobađaj,
    Od njegovih nas zasjeda
    Obrani, blag, i očuvaj.Odmori snom nam udove,
    Za dobra djela spremi nas.
    Da budno tebe čekamo
    O drugom tvome Dolasku.Gospodinu Trojedinom
    Neka bude slava vječita
    Da svet i blažen počinak,
    U vječnosti nam udijeli. AmenAntifona
    Aleluja, aleluja, aleluja.PSALAM 143 (142), 1-11 Molitva u nevolji
    Čovjek se ne opravdava po djelima Zakona, nego vjerom u Isusa Krista (Gal 2, 16)Gospodine, usliši moju molitvu,
    u vjernosti svojoj prikloni uho
    mojim vapajima, *
    u pravednosti me svojoj usliši!Ne idi na sud sa slugom svojim, *
    jer nitko živ nije pravedan pred tobom!
    Jer, dušmanin mi dušu progoni, *
    o zemlju pritisnu život moj;
    u tmine me baci da stanujem *
    kao oni koji su davno umrli.Duh moj već zamire u meni, *
    srce mi trne u grudima.
    Spominjem se dana minulih,
    mislim o svim djelima tvojim, *
    o djelima ruku tvojih razmišljam.Ruke svoje za tobom pružam, *
    duša moja k’o suha zemlja za tobom žeđa.
    Usliši me brzo, Gospodine,
    dah moj već je na izmaku!Lica svojeg preda mnom ne skrivaj, *
    da ne postanem kao oni koji u grob silaze!
    Objavi mi jutrom dobrotu svoju *
    jer se uzdam u tebe.Put mi kaži kojim ću krenuti, *
    jer k tebi dušu uzdižem.
    Izbavi me, Gospodine, od mojih dušmana,
    tebi ja se utječem.
    Nauči me da vršim volju tvoju, *
    jer ti si Bog moj.Duh tvoj dobri *
    neka me po ravnu putu vodi!
    Zbog imena svog, Jahve, poživi me, *
    zbog svoje pravednosti
    dušu mi izvedi iz tjeskobe!
    Po svojoj dobroti satri moje dušmane, *
    uništi sve moje tlačitelje,
    jer ja sam sluga tvoj!Slava Ocu i Sinu *
    i Duhu Svetomu.
    Kako bijaše na početku, †
    tako i sada i vazda *
    i u vijeke vjekova. Amen.Antifona
    Aleluja, aleluja, aleluja.Kratko čitanje 1 Pt 5, 8-9
    Otrijeznite se! Bdijte! Protivnik vaš, đavao, kao ričući lav obilazi, tražeći koga da proždre. Oprite mu se čvrsti u vjeri!Otpjev
    R. U ruke tvoje, Gospodine, * predajem duh svoj. Aleluja, aleluja.
    U ruke tvoje, Gospodine, predajem duh svoj. Aleluja, aleluja.
    O. Otkupio si nas, Gospodine, Bože vjerni. Aleluja, aleluja. Slava Ocu.
    U ruke tvoje, Gospodine, predajem duh svoj. Aleluja, aleluja.Antifona
    Brani nas, Gospodine, dok bdijemo,
    čuvaj nas dok spavamo,
    da bdijemo s Kristom i počivamo u miru. Aleluja.Antifona
    Brani nas, Gospodine, dok bdijemo,
    čuvaj nas dok spavamo,
    da bdijemo s Kristom i počivamo u miru. Aleluja.ŠIMUNOV HVALOSPJEV Lk 2, 29-32
    Krist svjetlost naroda i slava IzraelovaSad otpuštaš slugu svoga, Gospodaru, *
    po riječi svojoj u miru.
    Ta vidješe oči moje, *
    spasenje tvoje,
    koje si pripravio *
    pred licem sviju naroda.
    Svjetlost na prosvjetljenje naroda, *
    i slavu puka svoga izraelskoga.Slava Ocu i Sinu *
    i Duhu Svetomu.
    Kako bijaše na početku, †
    tako i sada i vazda *
    i u vijeke vjekova. Amen.Antifona
    Brani nas, Gospodine, dok bdijemo,
    čuvaj nas dok spavamo,
    da bdijemo s Kristom i počivamo u miru. Aleluja.Molitva
    Rasvijetli, Gospodine, dobrostivo ovu noć. Daj da mi, djeca tvoja, usnemo u miru te u tvoje ime radosno ustanemo na svjetlost novog dana. Po Kristu.Nato se reče:
    O. Mirnu noć i sretan svršetak udijelio nam svemogući Gospodin.
    O. AmenANTIFONE BLAŽENE DJEVICE MARIJESlavna Majko Spasitelja,
    Rajska dveri milostivna,
    Koja vjerne vodiš k sreći,
    Iznad mora zvijezdo divna!O pomozi palom svijetu,
    Koji želi ozdravljenje,
    Ti, što rodi Stvorca svoga
    Prirodi na udivljenje.Čuvši pozdrav Gabriela
    Donese nam život svima,
    Djevom zače, Djevom osta:
    Smiluj nam se grešnicima.ili:Rajska kruno, rajska slavo,
    Anđeoska Gospo, zdravo.
    Ti si korijen, ti si vrata,
    S kojih sinu svjetlost zlata.Ti si ljiljan djevičanstva,
    Ti si nakit čovječanstva.
    Zdravo, puno svih milina,
    Moli za nas svoga Sina.ili:Zdravo Kraljice, majko milosrdna,
    Živote, slasti i ufanje naše, zdravo.
    K tebi vapijemo prognani sinovi Evini.
    K tebi uzdišemo tugujući i plačući
    u ovoj suznoj dolini.Svrni, dakle, zagovornice naša,
    one svoje milostive oči na nas
    te nam poslije ovoga progona
    pokaži Isusa, blagoslovljeni plod utrobe svoje,
    O blaga, o mila, o slatka djevice Marijo!ili:Pod obranu se tvoju utječemo, sveta Bogorodice,
    ne odbij nam molbe u potrebama našim,
    nego nas od svih pogibli uvijek oslobodi,Djevice slavna i blagoslovljena,
    Gospođo naša, posrednice naša,
    zagovornice naša!Sa svojim nas Sinom pomiri,
    svojemu nas Sinu preporuči,
    svojemu nas Sinu izruči! Amen
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caOuaGrS9aM

Published by samo lucija

http://glasnik-sim.hr/prvi-dan-devetnice/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeKuqtTT1H PRESVETO TIJELO I KRV KRISTOVA. TIJELOVO Svetkovina (četvrtak nakon Presv. Trojstva) VEČERNJA MOLITVA Isuse, ostavio si nam Sebe u sakramentu svoga Tijela i Krvi. Dao si nam neizreciv dar. Dar bogat ljubavlju. Darovao si nam čitavog Sebe. Hvala Ti, Isuse. Hvala Ti, Isuse, što si oduvijek bio čovjek blizine. Uz Tebe se svatko osjećao prihvaćen i ljubljen. Nitko nije imao dojam da si ga olako shvatio ili površno slušao. I danas je tako, Isuse. Utaži, Gospodine, moju glad za osobom povjerenja, osobom koja ima vremena i ljubavi za drugoga. Osobom koja ne važe, koja ne mjeri, koja nije zaokupljena prvenstveno sobom. Koja zna čuti nečije teškoće i onda kada samo šutnja progovara. Osobom koja će bez uvrijeđenosti saslušati ono što možda i ne želi čuti. Pomozi mi da tu osobu tražim jedino u Tebi. Znaš i sam koliko sam puta ranjena zbog neprisutnosti osoba koje bi mi trebale biti blizu. Razočarana jer se netko od najbližih ne sjeti da mi je potreban ili se ne sjeti nečega što nije trebao previdjeti. Boli me kada primijetim da me netko uopće ne sluša ili me potpuno ignorira. Gospodine, pomozi mi ispuniti te praznine. Pomozi mi drugome biti poput Tebe. Biti netko tko zna drugome biti blizak, tko zna biti bližnji. Biti netko tko ima vremena i ljubavi za drugoga. Isuse, održao si svoje obećanje da ćeš biti s nama u sve dane do svršetka svijeta. Dao si nam sebe u Kruhu života. Na Tebe više nitko ne mora čekati, Isuse, u svakom času si sama prisutnost. Na svakoj Misi, u svakoj Pričesti. Hvala Ti, Isuse, na tom daru. Hvala ti što se i meni daruješ svojim Tijelom i svojom Krvlju. Više nisam sama, nisam prepuštena samoj sebi. Hvala Ti, Isuse …Suzana Monika Suzana Monika IL SORRISO DI MARIA 7 mtSptoniuhsaceormed · Santa Madre di Lourdes, madre degli infermi, poni sotto il tuo manto i malati terminali. Accoglili sotto il tuo Santo Manto e dona pace e Serenità alle loro famiglie. Heliga Lourdes moder, sjuka moder, sätt dödssjuk under din mantel. Välkomna dem under din Heliga Manto och ge fred och stillhet till deras familjer. Redigera eller ta bort detta Gilla · Svara · 1m Suzana Monika Suzana Monika Fani Kovač‎ till Jezus te ljubi ♥ Jesus loves you 5tS Stponcsoreigdocfmf · Tolaži Oče žalostne otroke! Tolaži Oče žalostne otroke, ki v stiskah in nemiru trepetamo, priznanja in ljubezni ne poznamo, slabotne nam in vklenjene so roke. Trplenje reže rane nam globoke in križ težak nam upogiba ramo. Srce je v najbritkejših urah samo: suh list na sredi reke je široke. Tolaži Oče žalostne otroke: poslal je Sina ,da za nas trpi. Poslal Edinca,da za nas umre! Objele so nas prebodene roke in dvigajo nas tja,kjer angeli nas venčajo,se z nami vesele. Kristus je Bog z nami. in sicer je navzoč in deluje v Cerkvi in po Cerkvi. Cerkev je po Kristusovi in po Božji volji orodje odrešenjskega Božjega delovanja. *Pod tvoje varstvo pribežimo,o sveta Božja Porodnica*. * O Marija,Ti vedno siješ na naši poti kot znamenje odrešenja in upanja.* AMEN! Bekväm far till ledsna barn! Bekväm far ledsna barn, som vi darrar av problem och ångest, Vi vet inte igenkänning och kärlek, Våra händer är svaga och handbojor. Att lida skär ner våra sår djupt och ett tungt kors böjer vår axel. Hjärtat är bara i snabbaste timmarna: Torrlövet mitt i älven är brett. Bekväm far till ledsna barn: han skickade sin son för att lida för oss. Skickat en Edinburgh för att dö för oss! Vi blev kramade av de piercade händerna och de lyfter upp oss där änglar är de gifter sig med oss, de är nöjda med oss. Kristus är Gud med oss. och det är närvarande och fungerar i kyrkan och efter kyrkan. Kyrkan är ute efter Kristus och enligt Guds vilja, verktyg frälsningen av Guds agerande. * Vi springer under din vård, åh Guds fosterland *. * O Mary, du skiner alltid på vår väg som ett tecken på frälsning och hopp.* ÄNDRA! · Betygsätt den här översättningen La Luce Di Maria È Nei Nostri Cuori. har lagt till ett 3D-foto Isgånarutc mkolgaScf.fgpo 0in7Ss:4oitredd8 · ‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨ ‼️⚜️‼️Gesù all'anima:‼️⚜️‼️ Abbracciati alla mia Croce e cerca conforto e la forza nelle tue pene da me, crocifisso per te. Abbi fede nel mio amore che non ti abbandona e nella protezione di Maria, che ti è Mamma amorosissima. Tu soffri nel tuo interno e non sai manifestare le tue pene, ma io le vedo e ti consolo con grazie speciali di amore. Ti benedico con la tua famiglia. ‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨ ‼️⚜️!! ️ Jesus till själen :‼ ️!! ️ Omfamna dig till mitt kors och sök tröst och styrka i dina sorger från mig, korsfäst för dig. Tro på min kärlek som inte överger dig och på skyddet av Mary, som är underbar mamma. Du lider inuti och du vet inte hur du ska visa dina sorger, men jag ser dem och trösta dig med ett speciellt tack av kärlek. Jag välsignar dig med din familj. Redigera eller ta bort detta Gilla · Svara · 1 min. Suzana Monika Suzana Monika amen https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=407414197090353&set=gm.3643338919056069&type=1&theater

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