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This Should Have Been Met With Fire and Blood. — Septima Buccina

Babies, BORN ALIVE, and then DISSECTED without even the benefit of a local anesthetic – so that their precious parts can be sold into the vaccine market. I understand that many were unaware of this horrid practice until sometime into last year. Many learned when Project Veritas exposed Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting program, or when […]

This Should Have Been Met With Fire and Blood. — Septima Buccina

This Should Have Been Met With Fire and Blood.

Babies, BORN ALIVE, and then DISSECTED without even the benefit of a local anesthetic – so that their precious parts can be sold into the vaccine market.

I understand that many were unaware of this horrid practice until sometime into last year. Many learned when Project Veritas exposed Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting program, or when Trump was forced to order his DOJ to “look into it” and then do nothing. Others learned about it when some Senators asked Trump why he memory-holed the “investigation,” and demanded he do something about it (see But, hey, he turned the March for Life into a MAGA Rally … so there is that.

Trump was never going to do a damned thing. Trump never intended to make anything better. He and his “Q” Operation had one goal: Placate until it was too late.

Hundreds of millions of decent Americans were duped into believing that conservatives were finally going to be heard. That our values would finally be defended. Why? Because Trump plays the role extremely well, and his liberal elitist buddies respond in kind with the hatred they know you would expect, if Trump were really attempting to do the things he claimed.

It was all a show.

But conservatives felt empowered to “own the libs” for the first time in their lives. Frustrated and brow-beaten Republicans suddenly believed that a “Great Awakening” was occurring, simply because they had newly contrived media driven boldness to speak out, when they normally wouldn’t. They were given hope. False hope, from a false “savior.”

They never stood a chance. The title of this blogpost tells you why. A properly formed conscience must be convinced not to do violence to stop these atrocities. Why? Because we absolutely should. Yet, we did nothing.

Let’s face it – the men in this country are so effete that they rant on social media about masks being terrible, and then put the mask on their kids.

They will go to a MAGA Rally, complete with AR, and protest the “tyranny” while dissuading doing anything more than such, because we should “trust the plan.”

They will expose that the MAGAVaxx is an evil serum derived from murdered children that is likely to kill you over time, and then bring themselves and their children to get injected, because they don’t want to be inconvenienced.

The fact that the business of murdered baby parts can parade through the news cycle without the industry being levelled to rubble overnight was the indication that we, as a people, are morally dead. Everything that happened afterward over the past 18 months is simply rigor mortis setting in.

We have a nation absolutely filled with people who have souls blackened by mortal sin. True, some may have had lives, through no fault of their own, that render them oblivious to evil. We can pray desperately for lack of culpability, but the temporal effects of their improperly formed consciences and participation with evil remains. The result is always the same.

The innocent suffer on behalf of the evil. This is Christianity. We must follow the example of Our Lord.

But Our Lord planned for all eternity, before he even blew breath into Adam, to one day sit down and fashion a whip.

You think he “lost His temper?” Give me a break. He is GOD. He did that deliberately, and the Holy Ghost made sure it was reduced to writing so that we would know that, sometimes, violence is necessary.

I can hear my Catholic friends in the pro life community already. I know the response well. I have been in this community for decades. I have gone on the marches. I have prayed outside the clinics. I have been spit upon. I have comforted my uncle when a “police officer” broke his arm for praying too close to an abortion mill. I know the drill. I understand the programming.

“We have to remain peaceful.” “It will do more harm than good.” “What if innocents are hurt accidentally?” “Violence is only appropriate if you have a chance at winning.”

Never, ever, has anybody been able to use the same nauseating arguments if I ask them: “What if your child were about to be murdered in the next room?” “What if all you had was a shotgun, such that an innocent might get hurt?” “What if you had no chance at winning? Would you simply watch your child die, and expect God not to judge you for that?”

But we have fallen for the “placate until it’s too late” instructions from effete sodomitical heretic “bishops” who have been slowly heating the water under us since Vatican II, including all of the bishops in white.

Imagine if Roe v. Wade happened while Popes Pius IX, Saint Pius X, Leo XIII, Urban II, or … any pope in history before the Lateran Treaty was on the Papal Throne. Imagine honestly what his response would have been. Do you honestly think any of these men would order us to stand as an impotent witness to mass child murder? Do you truly believe they would counsel us to be the passive victims to this Satanic child-murdering industry when we “pray too close?”

Peaceful? Non violent? Give me a break. Pope Pius IX fought the Italian invasion of the papal states, even though it was futile. Interestingly, because he knew he would lose the war, he only fought briefly so that he would not waste his soldier’s lives. But he thought it was absolutely necessary to fight, and to show the world that he did. That was over property.

Pope Urban II called for a holy war. He implored all European Christians to go to war against the Muslims, and to take back the Holy Land from them. I was simply going to quote his famous clarion call, but upon re-reading his speech, I have decided to quote at length from both of his speeches before concluding this blog post.

People (men) need to know that their properly ordered instinct to protect the innocent, and to end blasphemy and atrocity, with violence if necessary, is good.

Read the quotes.

The Speech of Urban II at the Council of Clermont, 1095.

After dealing with some local controversies, Pope Urban II addressed the situation in the Middle East. In this speech, he is only beginning to broach the issue publicly, but it is still very compelling. The speech following this one was delivered to a huge crowd, and quite famous.

“Although, O sons of God, you have promised more firmly than ever to keep the peace among yourselves and to preserve the rights of the church, there remains still an important work for you to do. Freshly quickened by the divine correction, you must apply the strength of your righteousness to another matter which concerns you as well as God. For your brethren who live in the east are in urgent need of your help, and you must hasten to give them the aid which has often been promised them. For, as the most of you have heard, the Turks and Arabs have attacked them and have conquered the territory of Romania [the Greek empire] as far west as the shore of the Mediterranean and the Hellespont, which is called the Arm of St. George. They have occupied more and more of the lands of those Christians, and have overcome them in seven battles. They have killed and captured many, and have destroyed the churches and devastated the empire. If you permit them to continue thus for awhile with impunity, the faithful of God will be much more widely attacked by them. On this account I, or rather the Lord, beseech you as Christ’s heralds to publish this everywhere and to persuade all people of whatever rank, foot-soldiers and knights, poor and rich, to carry aid promptly to those Christians and to destroy that vile race from the lands of our friends. I say this to those who are present, it is meant also for those who are absent. Moreover, Christ commands it.

“All who die by the way, whether by land or by sea, or in battle against the pagans, shall have immediate remission of sins. This I grant them through the power of God with which I am invested. O what a disgrace if such a despised and base race, which worships demons, should conquer a people which has the faith of omnipotent God and is made glorious with the name of Christ! With what reproaches will the Lord overwhelm us if you do not aid those who, with us, profess the Christian religion! Let those who have been accustomed unjustly to wage private warfare against the faithful now go against the infidels and end with victory this war which should have been begun long ago. Let those who, for a long time, have been robbers, now become knights. Let those who have been fighting against their brothers and relatives now fight in a proper way against the barbarians. Let those who have been serving as mercenaries for small pay now obtain the eternal reward. Let those who have been wearing themselves out in both body and soul now work for a double honor. Behold! on this side will be the sorrowful and poor, on that, the rich; on this side, the enemies of the Lord, on that, his friends. Let those who go not put off the journey, but rent their lands and collect money for their expenses; and as soon as winter is over and spring comes, let them eagerly set out on the way with God as their guide.”

The Speech of Urban II at the Council of Clermont, 1095.

“O race of the Franks, O people who live beyond the mountains [that is, reckoned from Rome], O people loved and chosen of God, as is clear from your many deeds, distinguished over all other nations by the situation of your land, your catholic faith, and your regard for the holy church, we have a special message and exhortation for you. For we wish you to know what a grave matter has brought us to your country.

The sad news has come from Jerusalem and Constantinople that the people of Persia, an accursed and foreign race, enemies of God, ‘a generation that set not their heart aright, and whose spirit was not steadfast with God’ [Ps. 78:8], have invaded the lands of those Christians and devastated them with the sword, rapine, and fire. Some of the Christians they have carried away as slaves, others they have put to death. The churches they have either destroyed or turned into mosques. They desecrate and overthrow the altars.

They circumcise the Christians and pour the blood from the circumcision on the altars or in the baptismal fonts. Some they kill in a horrible way by cutting open the abdomen, taking out a part of the entrails and tying them to a stake; they then beat them and compel them to walk until all their entrails are drawn out and they fall to the ground. Some they use as targets for their arrows. They compel some to stretch out their necks and then they try to see whether they can cut off their heads with one stroke of the sword. It is better to say nothing of their horrible treatment of the women. They have taken from the Greek empire a tract of land so large that it takes more than two months to walk through it.

Whose duty is it to avenge this and recover that land, if not yours?

For to you more than to other nations the Lord has given the military spirit, courage, agile bodies, and the bravery to strike down those who resist you.

Let your minds be stirred to bravery by the deeds of your forefathers, and by the efficiency and greatness of Karl the Great, and of Ludwig his son, and of the other kings who have destroyed Turkish kingdoms, and established Christianity in their lands. You should be moved especially by the holy grave of our Lord and Saviour which is now held by unclean peoples, and by the holy places which are treated with dishonor and irreverently befouled with their uncleanness.

“O bravest of knights, descendants of unconquered ancestors, do not be weaker than they, but remember their courage.

If you are kept back by your love for your children, relatives, and wives, remember what the Lord says in the Gospel: ‘He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me’ [Matt. 10:37]; ‘and everyone that hath forsaken houses, or brothers, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands for my name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold and shall inherit everlasting life’ [Matt. 19:29].

Let no possessions keep you back, no solicitude for your property. Your land is shut in on all sides by the sea and mountains, and is too thickly populated. There is not much wealth here, and the soil scarcely yields enough to support you. On this account you kill and devour each other, and carry on war and mutually destroy each other. Let your hatred and quarrels cease, your civil wars come to an end, and all your dissensions stop.

Set out on the road to the holy sepulchre, take the land from that wicked people, and make it your own. That land which, as the Scripture says, is flowing with milk and honey, God gave to the children of Israel. Jerusalem is the best of all lands, more fruitful than all others, as it were a second Paradise of delights. This land our Saviour made illustrious by his birth, beautiful with his life, and sacred with his suffering; he redeemed it with his death and glorified it with his tomb.

This royal city is now held captive by her enemies, and made pagan by those who know not God. She asks and longs to be liberated and does not cease to beg you to come to her aid. She asks aid especially from you because, as I have said, God has given more of the military spirit to you than to other nations. Set out on this journey and you will obtain the remission of your sins and be sure of the incorruptible glory of the kingdom of heaven.

When Pope Urban had said this and much more of the same sort, all who were present were moved to cry out with one accord, “It is the will of God, it is the will of God!”

When the pope heard this he raised his eyes to heaven and gave thanks to God, and, commanding silence with a gesture of his hand, he said: “My dear brethren, today there is fulfilled in you that which the Lord says in the Gospel, ‘Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst’ [Matt. 18:20]. For unless the Lord God had been in your minds you would not all have said the same thing. For although you spoke with many voices, nevertheless it was one and the same thing that made you speak.

So I say unto you, God, who put those words into your hearts, has caused you to utter them. Therefore let these words be your battle cry, because God caused you to speak them. Whenever you meet the enemy in battle, you shall all cry out, ‘It is the will of God, it is the will of God!’

And we do not command the old or weak to go, or those who cannot bear arms. No women shall go without their husbands, or brothers, or proper companions, for such would be a hindrance rather than a help, a burden rather than an advantage. Let the rich aid the poor and equip them for fighting and take them with them. Clergymen shall not go without the consent of their bishop, for otherwise the journey would be of no value to them. Nor will this pilgrimage be of any benefit to a layman if he goes without the blessing of his priest.

Whoever therefore shall determine to make this journey and shall make a vow to God and shall offer himself as a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God [Rom. 12:1], shall wear a cross on his brow or on his breast. And when he returns after having fulfilled his vow he shall wear the cross on his back. In this way he will obey the command of the Lord, ‘Whosoever doth not bear his cross and come after me is not worthy of me’” [Luke 14:27].

This speech is the origin of the famous phrase “Deus Vult!” (“God wills it!”)

Now, tell me again how the Catholic Church commands us to protest the torture and butchery of our children “peacefully.”

NO. It does not.

These baby-torturing monsters should have succumbed to a storm of fire and blood 47 years ago. Every day that they wake up and go to work is to our shame.

May God have mercy on us for our pathetic lack of violence.

Deus Vult.

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5 COMMENTSFollow conversation

  1. CherylCherylPope Urban II: O what a disgrace if such a despised and base race, which worships demons, should conquer a people which has the faith of omnipotent God and is made glorious with the name of Christ!Clear and powerful words from a true pope.
    Praying for God’s justice to be done.Reply1Like
  2. EmmaEmmaIf there was ever any issue that demonstrates the stark contrast between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent it has to be this.
    How can anybody be ok with this?
    You expect everyone to be as shocked and outraged as you are.
    This is a war and unfortunately for far too long we’ve been lead by our enemies.Reply1Like
  3. MichaelAs she suggested, the lack of outcry is almost more disturbing than the crime.ReplyLike
  4. Roberta ShmertaRoberta ShmertaWe have known this for awhile now .. at least since being horrified seeing the scalps of slaughtered babies, the covert discussions concerning the selling of baby parts and more. And, God have Mercy, most of us have not acted in any meaningful way; at least none that have been successful in stopping these atrocities.
    This IS a war, a holy war, but where are those who will fight it? So few. SHAME!
    Reading the powerful words of Pope Urban II I was brought to tears .. Would that we should have such a pope now. Pipe dream.

Published by samo lucija PRESVETO TIJELO I KRV KRISTOVA. TIJELOVO Svetkovina (četvrtak nakon Presv. Trojstva) VEČERNJA MOLITVA Isuse, ostavio si nam Sebe u sakramentu svoga Tijela i Krvi. Dao si nam neizreciv dar. Dar bogat ljubavlju. Darovao si nam čitavog Sebe. Hvala Ti, Isuse. Hvala Ti, Isuse, što si oduvijek bio čovjek blizine. Uz Tebe se svatko osjećao prihvaćen i ljubljen. Nitko nije imao dojam da si ga olako shvatio ili površno slušao. I danas je tako, Isuse. Utaži, Gospodine, moju glad za osobom povjerenja, osobom koja ima vremena i ljubavi za drugoga. Osobom koja ne važe, koja ne mjeri, koja nije zaokupljena prvenstveno sobom. Koja zna čuti nečije teškoće i onda kada samo šutnja progovara. Osobom koja će bez uvrijeđenosti saslušati ono što možda i ne želi čuti. Pomozi mi da tu osobu tražim jedino u Tebi. Znaš i sam koliko sam puta ranjena zbog neprisutnosti osoba koje bi mi trebale biti blizu. Razočarana jer se netko od najbližih ne sjeti da mi je potreban ili se ne sjeti nečega što nije trebao previdjeti. Boli me kada primijetim da me netko uopće ne sluša ili me potpuno ignorira. Gospodine, pomozi mi ispuniti te praznine. Pomozi mi drugome biti poput Tebe. Biti netko tko zna drugome biti blizak, tko zna biti bližnji. Biti netko tko ima vremena i ljubavi za drugoga. Isuse, održao si svoje obećanje da ćeš biti s nama u sve dane do svršetka svijeta. Dao si nam sebe u Kruhu života. Na Tebe više nitko ne mora čekati, Isuse, u svakom času si sama prisutnost. Na svakoj Misi, u svakoj Pričesti. Hvala Ti, Isuse, na tom daru. Hvala ti što se i meni daruješ svojim Tijelom i svojom Krvlju. Više nisam sama, nisam prepuštena samoj sebi. Hvala Ti, Isuse …Suzana Monika Suzana Monika IL SORRISO DI MARIA 7 mtSptoniuhsaceormed · Santa Madre di Lourdes, madre degli infermi, poni sotto il tuo manto i malati terminali. Accoglili sotto il tuo Santo Manto e dona pace e Serenità alle loro famiglie. Heliga Lourdes moder, sjuka moder, sätt dödssjuk under din mantel. Välkomna dem under din Heliga Manto och ge fred och stillhet till deras familjer. Redigera eller ta bort detta Gilla · Svara · 1m Suzana Monika Suzana Monika Fani Kovač‎ till Jezus te ljubi ♥ Jesus loves you 5tS Stponcsoreigdocfmf · Tolaži Oče žalostne otroke! Tolaži Oče žalostne otroke, ki v stiskah in nemiru trepetamo, priznanja in ljubezni ne poznamo, slabotne nam in vklenjene so roke. Trplenje reže rane nam globoke in križ težak nam upogiba ramo. Srce je v najbritkejših urah samo: suh list na sredi reke je široke. Tolaži Oče žalostne otroke: poslal je Sina ,da za nas trpi. Poslal Edinca,da za nas umre! Objele so nas prebodene roke in dvigajo nas tja,kjer angeli nas venčajo,se z nami vesele. Kristus je Bog z nami. in sicer je navzoč in deluje v Cerkvi in po Cerkvi. Cerkev je po Kristusovi in po Božji volji orodje odrešenjskega Božjega delovanja. *Pod tvoje varstvo pribežimo,o sveta Božja Porodnica*. * O Marija,Ti vedno siješ na naši poti kot znamenje odrešenja in upanja.* AMEN! Bekväm far till ledsna barn! Bekväm far ledsna barn, som vi darrar av problem och ångest, Vi vet inte igenkänning och kärlek, Våra händer är svaga och handbojor. Att lida skär ner våra sår djupt och ett tungt kors böjer vår axel. Hjärtat är bara i snabbaste timmarna: Torrlövet mitt i älven är brett. Bekväm far till ledsna barn: han skickade sin son för att lida för oss. Skickat en Edinburgh för att dö för oss! Vi blev kramade av de piercade händerna och de lyfter upp oss där änglar är de gifter sig med oss, de är nöjda med oss. Kristus är Gud med oss. och det är närvarande och fungerar i kyrkan och efter kyrkan. Kyrkan är ute efter Kristus och enligt Guds vilja, verktyg frälsningen av Guds agerande. * Vi springer under din vård, åh Guds fosterland *. * O Mary, du skiner alltid på vår väg som ett tecken på frälsning och hopp.* ÄNDRA! · Betygsätt den här översättningen La Luce Di Maria È Nei Nostri Cuori. har lagt till ett 3D-foto Isgånarutc mkolgaScf.fgpo 0in7Ss:4oitredd8 · ‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨ ‼️⚜️‼️Gesù all'anima:‼️⚜️‼️ Abbracciati alla mia Croce e cerca conforto e la forza nelle tue pene da me, crocifisso per te. Abbi fede nel mio amore che non ti abbandona e nella protezione di Maria, che ti è Mamma amorosissima. Tu soffri nel tuo interno e non sai manifestare le tue pene, ma io le vedo e ti consolo con grazie speciali di amore. Ti benedico con la tua famiglia. ‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨ ‼️⚜️!! ️ Jesus till själen :‼ ️!! ️ Omfamna dig till mitt kors och sök tröst och styrka i dina sorger från mig, korsfäst för dig. Tro på min kärlek som inte överger dig och på skyddet av Mary, som är underbar mamma. Du lider inuti och du vet inte hur du ska visa dina sorger, men jag ser dem och trösta dig med ett speciellt tack av kärlek. Jag välsignar dig med din familj. Redigera eller ta bort detta Gilla · Svara · 1 min. Suzana Monika Suzana Monika amen

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