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From Carmel to Carmel

Many of you have most likely seen me blogging and are thinking, how is she blogging from the cloister? Great question- I am not! I left Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph a few months ago, but not because I did not love it or I “couldn’t persevere”. On the contrary…I wanted more! Our Lady has had me on quite the journey that few will understand, but after two years in Carmel my love for Her grew so overwhelmingly intense through Her ignored message of Fatima, that I knew Our Lord was asking something of me I did not quite understand, yet. All of that only intensified when I was named after Her Heart and sorrows.

Before entering Carmel in 2017, for about 4 months prior to that, I did nothing but research the 3rd secret of Fatima. I took up the practice of the First Saturday Devotion and made Our Lady of Fatima the very center of my life and core of my spirituality. Carmel was everything I wanted and more. The solitude, the cloister and the hours of mental prayer- it became radically clear that Carmel is truly Our Lady’s order, if not Her very favorite order where the best of the saints are formed. But, what grew disappointing overtime and a longing in my heart that could not be ignored was I could not practice the First Saturday Devotion.  This had became a part of my life all those months before – the only thing Our Lady had asked the faithful to participate in. The Pope’s only job is to consecrate Russia with the Bishops. And for us? Only the First Saturday Devotion.

Before pursuing Carmel ALL the orders I discerned first took a fourth vow of total consecration to Mary called the Marian Vow. I flew to Italy to join an order specifically for that vow. I discerned a total of three orders before entering Carmel and it was all for that specific vow. In my heart, I always wanted that Marian Vow with the Carmelite spirituality, but I could never find it. As my novitiate progressed I talked to two very wise priests, one providentially was in the Marian Vow and he taught me how to apply it to my life in Carmel. The other priest was a Carmelite Monk from France who helped me discern whether or not God did indeed want me to be a Carmelite with the Marian Vow- and whether He wanted it at the Carmel I was in or a new Carmel. The idea of starting a new order kept popping up in my mind, but who in her right mind would ever want to do that?


The desire to smother the Discalced Carmelite Cloister in the Marian Vow and the Fatima message grew and grew and grew and grew. I gave all of these desires to God and discerned it carefully with the priests and finally the priest from France said words I will never forget. It was as though Our Lord was giving me a demand through him. “Do not tell the mothers these desires you have of taking a fourth vow to Mary, if it is truly the will of God and not your own they will approach you. If you are called to take this vow in another order- they will send you home.” He said all of this with the intent to make sure I was not doing my own will, but God’s. The will of God is my whole life, so I took his advice and waited. It just happened to be during the week of the community’s novena to Saint Therese (who I love times a million) of the Child Jesus. The famous rose novena, that I never took seriously because it has never worked for me.

My specific question in that novena to Therese was- does Our Lady want a sort of marriage between Carmel and the Marian Vow? I loved the cloister and wanted nothing but that, but does Heaven want this as well as the cloister? On the last day of the Novena on Therese’s feast day, I was cook in the kitchen so I did not see this happen. All the sisters were in the choir chanting Divine Office. My choir stall happened to be directly underneath the statue of Therese. Each day a sister would typically place a vase of roses at her feet, for the rose novena. Therese is known for giving answers through roses. Her famous slogan is “I will send down a shower of roses from heaven”. Most men think it’s pretty feminine, but change their mind when she answers them with bouquets; she has a great sense of humor! During the chanting of the psalms, the sisters recounted to me that they saw the vase of flowers knock off the statue “by themselves” and shatter petals of pink and red over my entire choir stall.

There was no wind; we were inside the building. The sisters left the petals to surprise me, so when I came back to the choir after siesta I had nothing but petals. Later that day I was able to see how there were no petals left on the roses; usually there remains at least a few. Mother later told me it looked as though they were perfectly thrown there the way they all landed when she saw it happen. I remember looking up at Therese knowing I received my answer. God wanted this. But how –  and where? Would it be here in this community, or elsewhere? Deep down I had a sense that as holy as this Carmel was they would never let me offer myself to Our Lady in the form of a vow nor practice the First Saturday Devotion. I knew this devotion was so important to Jesus and knew it even more when the day I was chosen to be clothed was a First Saturday. I did not choose that, nor the name I received. We never make suggestions in Carmel, we always let the Holy Ghost decide.

A little over a month later, I was perfectly content in waiting for God to give me an answer. I trusted Our Lady and pondered it in my heart daily, yet I was resigned that His will would be fulfilled in His perfect timing. One day I was looking for our dog in the woods (we have a large property) and my Novice Mistress and the Mother Prioress approached me and said shocking words I never saw coming. They said they believed it time for me to leave Carmel of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, that I would indeed “live and die with Mary and be Her secretary” –  but not at that Carmel. I told them nothing of my desires and I knew God was speaking through them as He always did. I knew at that moment, I would be a cloistered Carmelite with the Marian Vow elsewhere. I was so at peace, because I remembered the priest’s words: to know if it’s God’s will and not my own, let the Mothers decide! Obedience is everything and I was so thankful that Jesus showed me these desires were not my own, but His!


Where am I now? I am doing exactly what was placed on my heart for months in Carmel; I am trying to establish a community of cloistered Carmelites with a fourth vow to Mary – a vow that will entail a daily offering of victims of love to bring about the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. This life will center entirely on the fulfillment of Our Lady’s requests at Fatima;  making daily acts of reparation for the forgotten Immaculate Heart of Mary and the sins made against it, observing the faithful monthly practice of the First Saturday devotion and praying exclusively the Latin Mass and Carmelite Rite of the Divine Office. I am nothing but weakness, but  from what Our Lord told Saint Faustina when she was asked to do the very same type of work, she complained to Our Lord of her weakness and how she is the worst person for the job; Our Lord said “that is why I am choosing you. My power is made perfect in weakness”.  I can certainly use all of your prayers! This order,  God willing, will be called Carmel of Our Lady of Fatima and the Immaculate Heart.

Five vows will make up our life: poverty, chastity, obedience, enclosure and the Marian Vow. The hardest cross through all of this is the cross of misunderstanding –  not from friends, but typically from one’s own family. I had a protestant grandmother tell others that in my case “Murphy’s law will prevail”, meaning anything that can go wrong – will go wrong; that someone who is loud could never last in a cloister. That may appear so in my case at present as I am not at that Carmel anymore. But what faithful Catholics need to know is Our Lord never looks at our personalities, only our hearts. Certain hearts are not satisfied with anything, but Him. Personality has nothing to do with the cloister; on the contrary I met the most outgoing sisters in the cloister who gave up everything to be alone with the Alone and typically brought the most joy to the community recreations. If you are a young girl and discerning the cloistered life, trust that Jesus only looks at the heart. I simply desire the life that I had, but smothered in Our Lady of Fatima. Will you support me through your prayers?

I can’t thank my wonderful grandparents, mom, aunts, uncles, and cousins enough for their support in this endeavor I believe God will accomplish in His timing. Fatima is the remedy for our times; I expect many attacks from the evil one for dedicating an entire order to Jesus’ Mother. Mary is Virgo Potens (Virgin most powerful) and my life! The evil one flees before a very sigh She breathes over a soul She loves. At the end of the day, I am not living my life to gain human support or esteem (although it is helpful). My whole purpose is aimed at giving my life for the Immaculate Heart of Mary and to be Christ’s bride even though I am weak and incompetent. As Therese said, she always knew God’s will by the desires He placed on her heart. These words are what reminded me of the importance of this message from Fatima, even though the Carmel I had been in most recently was the most perfect I had experienced, Our Lady’s message was still being ignored:

Father, the most Holy Virgin is very sad because no one has paid any attention to Her Message, neither the good nor the bad. The good continue on their way, but without giving any importance to Her Message. The bad, not seeing the punishment of God actually falling upon them, continue their life of sin without even caring about the Message. But believe me, Father, God will chastise the world and this will be in a terrible manner. The punishment from Heaven is imminent. Sister Lucia of Fatima

If you are interested in being a part of this mission and wish to donate, message me if you would like to speak with me directly on my contact page. And for more details on the Carmel of Our Lady of Fatima and the Immaculate Heart go to the about page for an extensive outline of the order and daily schedule (Horarium). AVE MARIA!

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The best day of my life (2018 clothing ceremony in Our Lady’s Holy Habit and a First Saturday:

IMG_1684 2
Inside Carmelite chapel
IMG_1679 2
Novitiate Mass 7-07-18
Novitiate photo 1


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  1. Maureen McCaffreyDear sweet little Fool for Mary Immaculata,Here will be a jumble of thoughts from reading all your blogs. Each time I read one I immediately wrote a mental letter, of course, but didn’t have the time to put it down. Today I am making time!!At the end of my favorite Adoration prayer booklet the advice from Our Lord is “Well, my child, go now and … Be silent, be honest, be charitable, be patient, love very much the Blessed Mother of Jesus.” Isn’t that beautiful? I so completely desire silence in my day and grab it and cherish it! Your comments about the Ignatian way of meditating by putting oneself in the Biblical scene made me shudder. I tried it and each time I found myself asking if I would have believed in Jesus, or been one who on found His word too hard – or my faith would be the seed on rocky ground? Each time I felt sure I need to be living right now, where God put me. And as a cradle Catholic!!! I’m so glad I thanked my parents for giving me the Catholic Faith before they died. I’m such a follower, who knows whom I might have followed, whom I might have married. It makes me shudder. In our Catholic Couples book group that Neil and I led for 11 years in Fort Collins, we read Theology and Sanity by Frank Sheed. His first chapters are: Religion and the Mind, Examination of Intellect, and Mind works on infinity. This is where I recognized the limitations of using imagination instead of learning how to use my Intellect. It was a hard exercise, but the imagination is so limiting when trying to understand God and Infinity. I need to reread that book!Neil is out for the day and we need to sit down and figure out how we can support you financially. Fr. David Nix is raising funds for his hermitage and has a deadline for when he has to leave the tiny parish rectory the Archdiocese has given him a room in. The parish we attend here is dirt poor Mexican, but loves the Mass and Our Lord and Blessed Mother. It is a run down building with a dirt road entrance. We want to help them, along with a list of Carmels we support.Has the Bishop responded to your request for a new Order? Ask for a small building! Our Lord is generous to those faithful hearts who ask!Where are you living?? Did other Sisters come to join you? Or not yet?The story of the rose petals was a miracle! Your faith and trust – and patience in truly discerning God’s Will amaze and inspire me. I have a rosary with the seven decades of Our Lady’s Sorrows which I first learned about from you. You have inspired me to get it out and pray it!Would you believe it took me two hours to write this?! Lots of interruptions. Now I think of you on your Clothing Day, holding the rose and beaming a huge Marian smile! God guide you, I’m praying for you. Oh! I lit a candle for you after Mass today. Love, MaureenSent from Mail for Windows 10Liked by 1 personREPLY
  2. Pingback: From Carmel to Carmel — Mary’s Secretary – Site Title
  3. Nathalia Marie-ThereseWooooow….I always got your blog post delivered to my email but I didn’t know it was you having seen your farewell post last two years. I always wondered how you were doing at the monastery. Just today I decided to click one of your posts and saw it was you writing and yes I was shocked as to how can she be blogging from the cloister. But after reading this. I understood. You and I share one thing which is our Obsessive love for the Immaculata. I have always wanted a community with the Marian vow tho my spirituality is Dominican. Am glad you are thinking of establishing an order like that. 🙏 may God guide you and strength you🙏Liked by 1 personREPLY
    1. Mary’s SecretaryNathalia, your response was so hopeful! It is quite interesting, I either get very positive and supportive comments or ones such as “and she couldn’t persevere”- “I saw that one coming”. But, those with a deep deep love for Our Lady- like you- really understand. It is quite the process dear sister! I just received my 4 Carmelite Rite Breveries and I have my Carmelite Habit being made as we speak! I will hopefully soon be Sister Jade Mary of Sorrowful Heart. I can sure use your powerful Dominican prayers:) Let us ALWAYS be united in the Immaculata, Nathalia and if there is anything I can ever do for you let me know!LikeREPLY
  4. samo lucijaYour comment is awaiting moderation.GOD BLESS YOU READ A CASE OF MANY CHILDRENDEATH IN CROATIAS earhquake in zagreb YOU WILL for certain cry like me





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Published by samo lucija PRESVETO TIJELO I KRV KRISTOVA. TIJELOVO Svetkovina (četvrtak nakon Presv. Trojstva) VEČERNJA MOLITVA Isuse, ostavio si nam Sebe u sakramentu svoga Tijela i Krvi. Dao si nam neizreciv dar. Dar bogat ljubavlju. Darovao si nam čitavog Sebe. Hvala Ti, Isuse. Hvala Ti, Isuse, što si oduvijek bio čovjek blizine. Uz Tebe se svatko osjećao prihvaćen i ljubljen. Nitko nije imao dojam da si ga olako shvatio ili površno slušao. I danas je tako, Isuse. Utaži, Gospodine, moju glad za osobom povjerenja, osobom koja ima vremena i ljubavi za drugoga. Osobom koja ne važe, koja ne mjeri, koja nije zaokupljena prvenstveno sobom. Koja zna čuti nečije teškoće i onda kada samo šutnja progovara. Osobom koja će bez uvrijeđenosti saslušati ono što možda i ne želi čuti. Pomozi mi da tu osobu tražim jedino u Tebi. Znaš i sam koliko sam puta ranjena zbog neprisutnosti osoba koje bi mi trebale biti blizu. Razočarana jer se netko od najbližih ne sjeti da mi je potreban ili se ne sjeti nečega što nije trebao previdjeti. Boli me kada primijetim da me netko uopće ne sluša ili me potpuno ignorira. Gospodine, pomozi mi ispuniti te praznine. Pomozi mi drugome biti poput Tebe. Biti netko tko zna drugome biti blizak, tko zna biti bližnji. Biti netko tko ima vremena i ljubavi za drugoga. Isuse, održao si svoje obećanje da ćeš biti s nama u sve dane do svršetka svijeta. Dao si nam sebe u Kruhu života. Na Tebe više nitko ne mora čekati, Isuse, u svakom času si sama prisutnost. Na svakoj Misi, u svakoj Pričesti. Hvala Ti, Isuse, na tom daru. Hvala ti što se i meni daruješ svojim Tijelom i svojom Krvlju. Više nisam sama, nisam prepuštena samoj sebi. Hvala Ti, Isuse …Suzana Monika Suzana Monika IL SORRISO DI MARIA 7 mtSptoniuhsaceormed · Santa Madre di Lourdes, madre degli infermi, poni sotto il tuo manto i malati terminali. Accoglili sotto il tuo Santo Manto e dona pace e Serenità alle loro famiglie. Heliga Lourdes moder, sjuka moder, sätt dödssjuk under din mantel. Välkomna dem under din Heliga Manto och ge fred och stillhet till deras familjer. Redigera eller ta bort detta Gilla · Svara · 1m Suzana Monika Suzana Monika Fani Kovač‎ till Jezus te ljubi ♥ Jesus loves you 5tS Stponcsoreigdocfmf · Tolaži Oče žalostne otroke! Tolaži Oče žalostne otroke, ki v stiskah in nemiru trepetamo, priznanja in ljubezni ne poznamo, slabotne nam in vklenjene so roke. Trplenje reže rane nam globoke in križ težak nam upogiba ramo. Srce je v najbritkejših urah samo: suh list na sredi reke je široke. Tolaži Oče žalostne otroke: poslal je Sina ,da za nas trpi. Poslal Edinca,da za nas umre! Objele so nas prebodene roke in dvigajo nas tja,kjer angeli nas venčajo,se z nami vesele. Kristus je Bog z nami. in sicer je navzoč in deluje v Cerkvi in po Cerkvi. Cerkev je po Kristusovi in po Božji volji orodje odrešenjskega Božjega delovanja. *Pod tvoje varstvo pribežimo,o sveta Božja Porodnica*. * O Marija,Ti vedno siješ na naši poti kot znamenje odrešenja in upanja.* AMEN! Bekväm far till ledsna barn! Bekväm far ledsna barn, som vi darrar av problem och ångest, Vi vet inte igenkänning och kärlek, Våra händer är svaga och handbojor. Att lida skär ner våra sår djupt och ett tungt kors böjer vår axel. Hjärtat är bara i snabbaste timmarna: Torrlövet mitt i älven är brett. Bekväm far till ledsna barn: han skickade sin son för att lida för oss. Skickat en Edinburgh för att dö för oss! Vi blev kramade av de piercade händerna och de lyfter upp oss där änglar är de gifter sig med oss, de är nöjda med oss. Kristus är Gud med oss. och det är närvarande och fungerar i kyrkan och efter kyrkan. Kyrkan är ute efter Kristus och enligt Guds vilja, verktyg frälsningen av Guds agerande. * Vi springer under din vård, åh Guds fosterland *. * O Mary, du skiner alltid på vår väg som ett tecken på frälsning och hopp.* ÄNDRA! · Betygsätt den här översättningen La Luce Di Maria È Nei Nostri Cuori. har lagt till ett 3D-foto Isgånarutc mkolgaScf.fgpo 0in7Ss:4oitredd8 · ‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨ ‼️⚜️‼️Gesù all'anima:‼️⚜️‼️ Abbracciati alla mia Croce e cerca conforto e la forza nelle tue pene da me, crocifisso per te. Abbi fede nel mio amore che non ti abbandona e nella protezione di Maria, che ti è Mamma amorosissima. Tu soffri nel tuo interno e non sai manifestare le tue pene, ma io le vedo e ti consolo con grazie speciali di amore. Ti benedico con la tua famiglia. ‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨ ‼️⚜️!! ️ Jesus till själen :‼ ️!! ️ Omfamna dig till mitt kors och sök tröst och styrka i dina sorger från mig, korsfäst för dig. Tro på min kärlek som inte överger dig och på skyddet av Mary, som är underbar mamma. Du lider inuti och du vet inte hur du ska visa dina sorger, men jag ser dem och trösta dig med ett speciellt tack av kärlek. Jag välsignar dig med din familj. Redigera eller ta bort detta Gilla · Svara · 1 min. Suzana Monika Suzana Monika amen

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