Ovo je životna poruka oca Pajsija — OD KNJIGE DO DUŠE

Ljudi se dele samo u dve kategorije – ili su muve ili su pčele. Starac Pajsije Svetogorac je jedan od najznačajnih i najuvaženijih svetogorskih staraca 20. veka, pravoslavni hrišcanski monah koji je proteklih decenija postao jedna od najsvetijih ličnosti u Grčkoj.

Ovo je životna poruka oca Pajsija — OD KNJIGE DO DUŠE

dobra ni moja ali sada ucim i od srba i grka

Pope Calls For ‘Laudato Si’ Week in May – But Isn’t Fatima More Urgent? — Catholic Truth

Posted bysamo lucijaLeave a commenton Pope Calls For ‘Laudato Si’ Week in May – But Isn’t Fatima More Urgent? — Catholic TruthEditPope Calls For ‘Laudato Si’ Week in May – But Isn’t Fatima More Urgent? — Catholic Truth

Vatican City, Mar 3, 2020 / 09:57 am (CNA).- Pope Francis is calling on Catholics to participate in “Laudato si’ Week” in May to encourage care for our common home. “I renew my urgent call to respond to the ecological crisis. The cry of the earth and the cry of the poor cannot wait anywhere,” […]

Pope Calls For ‘Laudato Si’ Week in May – But Isn’t Fatima More Urgent? — Catholic Truth

CHRISTIAN YOGA: Bringing the Kundalini Spirit Into the Church

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Originally written in 2016 – I often feel a nudge from the Holy Spirit to repost this. The enemy of our souls never ceases to attack the body of Christ.
One way he chooses is to whisper to Christians that Yoga is perfectly fine for them – as long as they stay away from meditation.
This is NOT true, brethren. I pray that this article helps someone who is caught up in the Hindu practice of Yoga!
Also, with the false teachings abounding in nearly every denomination, I felt that it was so vitally important to bring this piece out once again.
Have you watched the people from Emergent churches and NAR (New Apostolic Church) as they writhe on the floors, barking like dogs and then laughing uncontrollably? Is this from God?
Most Certainly NOT!
Original Article:
Nothing seems to get a heated debate started faster than challenging a Christian who practices Yoga on this subject.

“But I only do the stretching part.” I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this. This article is written for the sake of clarification and education on the practice of Yoga.

What is Yoga?
Yoga (/ˈjoʊɡə/; Sanskrit: योग, Listen) are the physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines that aim to transform body and mind. The term denotes a variety of schools, practices and goals in Hinduism, Buddhism (including Vajrayana and Tibetan Buddhism and Jainism,[ the best-known being Hatha yoga and Raja yoga. The term yoga is derived from the literal meaning of “yoking together” a span of horses or oxes, but came to be applied to the “yoking” of mind and body.- source

Yoga:noun a mystic and ascetic Hindu discipline by which one seeks to achieve liberation of the self and union with the supreme spirit or universal soul through intense concentration, deep meditation, and practices involving prescribed postures, controlled breathing, etc. a system of exercising involving the postures, breathing, etc. practiced in this discipline [2] – source

A Christian who studies the Word of God, should instantly see red flags and discern that Yoga and Christianity are not compatible. We see in the definition “Yoga is the physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines that aim to transform body and mind.” What does God say about transforming our minds?

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God” (Romans 12:2). KJV

Immediately we see a problem between transforming our minds in Yoga, and being transformed by the renewing of our minds according to the Word of God. As Christians, God wants our minds to be renewed, so we will be able to know His will for us. God wants us to be closer to Him. He speaks to us through His Word. He is our perfect Father.

“According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue” (2 Peter 1:3).

We know that the practice of Yoga is rooted in Hinduism and Buddhism. As Christians, do we want to open up our minds to something that will transform us to be more like Hindus or Buddhists? Ok, when we see it in black and white, it seems unthinkable. But this is exactly what practicing Yoga is accomplishing in your life.

“There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death” (Proverbs 14:12). KJV

Next we see in the definition – The term yoga is derived from the literal meaning of “yoking together” a span of horses or oxes, but came to be applied to the “yoking”of mind and body.

Another red flag should easily be seen by a student of the Word. Let’s see what God says about being yoked together:

“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?” (2 Corinthians 6:14) KJV

The picture of oxen being yoked together is used by both Yoga and the Word. In Yoga, the goal is for mind and body to be yoked together. It’s a Hindu discipline to bring mind and body into submission – but to what end?

Were you aware that every Yoga pose is a posture of worship to various Hindu gods? In this way, the person is making offerings to millions of Hindu deities! Of course, these details are left off of the “Welcome pamphlet” in Yoga centers. People are coming there to stretch and relax and be energized, right?

The Kundalini Spirit
In an interview with Dave Hunt of the Berean Call (Dave is now with our Lord) the subject of the Kundalini Spirit was addressed:

“In spite of the advertisements and talk about health and fitness yoga’s real goal is to awaken Kundalini power, coiled like a serpent at the base of the spine, ready to spring up to manifest itself through the alleged chakras, (centers of universal force) of the body.” Now, what exactly is Kundalini yoga, or Kundalini power, for that matter?”

Dave Hunt:
“Well, to put it bluntly, it’s demonic. There is no way you can explain it physically, it’s a non physical force. There certainly is nothing coiled at the base of the spine, three and one-half times coiled like a serpent that’s going to spring up when you get in the proper state of consciousness, supposedly. This is the same occult power that all the occultists are in touch with, or try to be in touch with.” – source

In yoga, the student is told to empty their minds to prepare for meditation. An empty mind is exactly what Satan likes! Look at what God says about meditation:

“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer” (Psalm 19:14). KJV

We meditate on His Law and on His Word. We FILL our minds with the goodness of our Father’s perfect and Holy Words. Do you want an empty mind, or a mind filled with God’s Word?

“Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee” (Psalm 119:11). KJV

We have seen the videos of holy laughter and other aberrant behavior in churches. Do we have to wonder from where the spirits came who wreak such havoc with children of God? Could it be that so many Christians are practicing yoga and are bringing the Kundalini spirit into their services? I have read that Hindus who knowingly seek out the Kundalini spirit, behave in similar ways during their worship. With the uncontrollable laughter and rolling about on the floor, it would be hard to tell the difference between them and a charismatic Christian service!

Watch Hindus practice Yoga: looks very much like people in the NAR movement and other aberrant movements writhing around on the floor – doesn’t it?

Over thirty million people in America practice Yoga. In the 1960’s, Transcendental Meditation came on the American scene. It was a time of self realization and finding the meaning to life within oneself. Society pushed God aside, and replaced Him with Self. Secular humanism is the new religion, and it has caused the moral decline of our society. If there is no God, then there are no moral absolutes, right? Unfortunately, this ideology has crept into the Church as well.

Christians Should Not Look Like the World
How will we persuade a lost world that they need to repent and trust Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins, if we look just like them? God wants us to come out from them and behave and live like His children. When the world looks at us, do they see Jesus? That should be the prayer of each of our hearts – daily.

“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils” (1 Timothy 4:1). KJV

If we try to fit into this world, we not only ruin our testimony, but we put ourselves in jeopardy of falling away from God. Do you not know that the devil seeks to destroy you all day long? He is the accuser of the brethren. He is a liar and the father of lies. If we don’t cling to our Father and study His Word, we become prey for the enemy of our souls.

Yoga and New Age Practices
I have heard Christians talk about the evil of New Age practices, and yet they practice yoga. Somehow our churches have placed a stamp of approval on yoga. A brother or sister in Christ would never think of attending a séance or play with a Ouija board, or see a spiritist for a reading. But these same people will go to their yoga classes and enthusiastically invite others. It’s time for the truth about yoga to be told to your family and friends!

Writing this article will certainly not win me new friends. As a matter of fact, some may choose to ignore the warnings and consider me a bit fanatical. But hopefully others who have wondered about yoga, will be glad that they now know the dangers of it.

Don’t forget that the Evil one – the father of lies – the author of confusion – Satan, wants to take you away from the Lord. Hold fast to what you know is right. Turn away from evil. Cling to Jesus and His Word.

1 Peter 5:8
“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.”

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


Christian Yoga: Bringing the Kundalini Serpent Into the Church
I originally wrote this article in 2016. Periodically, I bring it back out for Christians to read. The devil will always whisper to the children of God: “Yoga…
Christian Yoga: Bringing the Kundalini Serpent Into the Church
Nothing seems to get a heated debate started faster than challenging a Christian who practices Yoga on this subject. “But I only do the stretching part.” I…
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Est 4, 17k-m.r-t; Ps 138, 1-3.7c-8; Mt 7, 7-12


Teofil, Lucije, Hadrijan

Prvo čitanje:

Est 4, 17k-m.r-t

Nema druge pomoći do tebe, Gospodine!

Čitanje Knjige Estere

U one dane: Kraljica se Estera, obuzeta smrtnom tjeskobom uteče Gospodinu. Pomoli se Bogu Izraelovu i kaza:
»Gospodine moj, kralju naš, ti si jedini! Dođi u pomoć meni koja sam sama, kojoj nema druge pomoći do tebe, jer opasnost je moja kao na dlanu. Ja sam od svog djetinjstva slušala u obiteljskom rodu da si ti, Gospode, izabrao Izraela među svim drugim narodima, naše očeve među svim njihovim precima u svoju trajnu baštinu i da si za njih učinio sve što si im obećao.
Sjeti se, Gospode! Objavi se u vrijeme naših jada i ohrabri me, o kralju bogova i vladaru svakoga gospodstva! Metni u moja usta primjerenu riječ pred lavom, a njegovo srce zadahni mržnjom na neprijatelja našega da zatrt bude i on i njegovi sumišljenici. A nas oslobodi rukom svojom i dođi u pomoć meni koja sam sama i nemam nego tebe, o Gospode!«
Riječ Gospodnja
Otpjevni psalam:

Ps 138 ,1-3.7c-8


Kad sam te zazvao, uslišio si me, Gospodine.

Zahvaljujem ti, Gospodine, iz svega srca,
jer si čuo riječi mojih usta.
Pred licem anđela pjevam tebi,
bacam se nice prema svetom Hramu tvojemu.

Zahvaljujem imenu tvojem
za tvoju dobrotu i vjernost,
jer si nada sve uzveličao
obećanje svoje.
Kad sam te zazvao, uslišio si me,
dušu si moju pokrijepio.

Gospodine, tvoja me desnica spasava,
Gospodin će dovršiti što započe za me!
Gospodine, vječna je ljubav tvoja:
djelo ruku svojih ne zapusti!


Mt 7 , 7-12

Tko god ište, prima.

Čitanje svetog Evanđelja po Mateju

U ono vrijeme: Reče Isus svojim učenicima:
»Ištite i dat će vam se! Tražite i naći ćete! Kucajte i otvorit će vam se! Doista, tko god ište, prima; i tko traži, nalazi; i onomu koji kuca otvorit će se.
Ta ima li koga među vama da bi svojemu sinu, ako ga zaište kruha, kamen dao? Ili ako ribu zaište, zar će mu zmiju dati? Ako dakle vi, iako zli, znate dobrim darima darivati djecu svoju, koliko li će više Otac vaš, koji je na nebesima, dobrima obdariti one koji ga zaištu!
Sve, dakle, što želite da ljudi vama čine, činite i vi njima. To je, doista, Zakon i Proroci.«
Riječ Gospodnja.
Ova čitanja se prenose s hilp.hr

read specially queen ESTER 4: 7 above

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  2. KOR – Svagdan


R. Bože, u pomoć mi priteci.
O. Gospodine, pohiti da mi pomogneš.

Slava Ocu i Sinu i Duhu Svetomu.
Kako bijaše na početku, tako i sada i vazda i u vijeke vjekova. Amen.

Ispit savjesti ili razmišljanje o proteklom danu.
Kod zajedničkog ali i pojedinačnog moljenja može se obaviti pokajnički čin jednim od slijedećih obrazaca:

Ispovijedam se Bogu svemogućemu i vama, braćo, da sagriješih vrlo mnogo mišlju,
riječju, djelom i propustom: moj grijeh, moj grijeh, moj preveliki grijeh.
Zato molim blaženu Mariju vazda Djevicu, sve anđele i svete, i vas, braćo,
da se molite za me Gospodinu, Bogu našemu.


Smiluj nam se Gospodine
O. Jer smo sagriješili tebi.
Pokaži nam, Gospodine, milosrđe svoje
O. I spasenje svoje daj nam.

Smilovao nam se svemogući Bog,
otpustio nam grijehe naše
i priveo nas u život vječni.
O. Amen


Već mrak se hvata, gine dan,
O Stvoritelju, čuj nam glas,
Po beskrajnoj ti blagosti
Iznad nas bdij i štiti nas.

Neka srca naša miruju
I tebe kroz noć sanjaju,
Neka slavu tvoju vječitu
Do zore, tiha, pjevaju.

Za život čestit molimo,
Obnovi našu gorljivost.
Neka tvoja svjetlost obasja
Zle sjene što ih tama tka.

Podijeli, Oče milostiv
Po Kristu našem Isusu
U vijeke koji sa Tobom
I Duhom vlada Presvetim. Amen

Tijelo mi spokojno počiva.

PSALAM 16 (15) Gospodin – moja baština
Bog uskrisi Isusa, oslobodivši ga grozote smrti (Dj 2, 24)

Čuvaj me, Bože, *
Jer se tebi utječem.
Gospodinu rekoh: »Ti si moj Gospodar, *
nema mi blaženstva bez tebe!«

Svetima na zemlji, odličnim ljudima *
sva naklonost moja!
Gomilaju patnje svoje *
koji slijede bogove tuđe.
Ja ljevaonica njihovih nalijevati neću,
ime im spominjat’ neću usnama.

Gospodin mi je baština i čaša: *
Ti u ruci držiš moju sudbinu.
Na divnu zemlju padoše mi konopi, *
vrlo mi je mila moja baština.
Blagoslivljam Gospodina koji me svjetuje *
te me i noću srce opominje.

Gospodin mi je svagda pred očima; *
jer mi je zdesna da ne posrnem.
Stog’ mi se raduje srce i kliče duša, *
pa i tijelo mi spokojno počiva.

Jer mi nećeš ostaviti dušu u Podzemlju *
ni dati da pravednik tvoj truleži ugleda.
Pokazat ćeš mi stazu u život,
puninu radosti lica svoga, *
sebi zdesna blaženstvo vječno.

Slava Ocu i Sinu *
i Duhu Svetomu.
Kako bijaše na početku, †
tako i sada i vazda *
i u vijeke vjekova. Amen.

Tijelo mi spokojno počiva.

Kratko čitanje 1 Sol 5, 23
Sam Bog mira neka vas posvema posveti i cijelo vaše biće – duh vaš i duša i tijelo –
neka se besprijekornim, savršenim sačuva za Dolazak Gospodina našega Isusa Krista.

R. U ruke tvoje, Gospodine, * predajem duh svoj.
U ruke tvoje, Gospodine, predajem duh svoj.
O. Otkupio si nas, Gospodine, Bože vjerni. Slava Ocu.
U ruke tvoje, Gospodine, predajem duh svoj.

Brani nas, Gospodine, dok bdijemo,
čuvaj nas dok spavamo,
da bdijemo s Kristom i počivamo u miru.

Krist svjetlost naroda i slava Izraelova

Sad otpuštaš slugu svoga, Gospodaru, *
po riječi svojoj u miru.
Ta vidješe oči moje, *
spasenje tvoje,
koje si pripravio *
pred licem sviju naroda.
Svjetlost na prosvjetljenje naroda, *
i slavu puka svoga izraelskoga.

Slava Ocu i Sinu *
i Duhu Svetomu.
Kako bijaše na početku, †
tako i sada i vazda *
i u vijeke vjekova. Amen.

Brani nas, Gospodine, dok bdijemo,
čuvaj nas dok spavamo,
da bdijemo s Kristom i počivamo u miru.

Gospodine, Bože naš, izmorili smo se dnevnim poslom. Okrijepi nas mirnim snom, da
obnovljeni tvojom pomoći, tebi budemo odani tijelom i dušom. Po Kristu.

Nato se reče:
O. Mirnu noć i sretan svršetak udijelio nam svemogući Gospodin.
O. Amen


Slavna Majko Spasitelja,
Rajska dveri milostivna,
Koja vjerne vodiš k sreći,
Iznad mora zvijezdo divna!

O pomozi palom svijetu,
Koji želi ozdravljenje,
Ti, što rodi Stvorca svoga
Prirodi na udivljenje.

Čuvši pozdrav Gabriela
Donese nam život svima,
Djevom zače, Djevom osta:
Smiluj nam se grešnicima.


Rajska kruno, rajska slavo,
Anđeoska Gospo, zdravo.
Ti si korijen, ti si vrata,
S kojih sinu svjetlost zlata.

Ti si ljiljan djevičanstva,
Ti si nakit čovječanstva.
Zdravo, puno svih milina,
Moli za nas svoga Sina.


Zdravo Kraljice, majko milosrdna,
Živote, slasti i ufanje naše, zdravo.
K tebi vapijemo prognani sinovi Evini.
K tebi uzdišemo tugujući i plačući
u ovoj suznoj dolini.

Svrni, dakle, zagovornice naša,
one svoje milostive oči na nas
te nam poslije ovoga progona
pokaži Isusa, blagoslovljeni plod utrobe svoje,
O blaga, o mila, o slatka djevice Marijo!


Pod obranu se tvoju utječemo, sveta Bogorodice,
ne odbij nam molbe u potrebama našim,
nego nas od svih pogibli uvijek oslobodi,
Djevice slavna i blagoslovljena,
Gospođo naša, posrednice naša,
zagovornice naša!
Sa svojim nas Sinom pomiri,
svojemu nas Sinu preporuči,
svojemu nas Sin izruči! Amen.

Published by samo lucija

http://glasnik-sim.hr/prvi-dan-devetnice/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QeKuqtTT1H PRESVETO TIJELO I KRV KRISTOVA. TIJELOVO Svetkovina (četvrtak nakon Presv. Trojstva) VEČERNJA MOLITVA Isuse, ostavio si nam Sebe u sakramentu svoga Tijela i Krvi. Dao si nam neizreciv dar. Dar bogat ljubavlju. Darovao si nam čitavog Sebe. Hvala Ti, Isuse. Hvala Ti, Isuse, što si oduvijek bio čovjek blizine. Uz Tebe se svatko osjećao prihvaćen i ljubljen. Nitko nije imao dojam da si ga olako shvatio ili površno slušao. I danas je tako, Isuse. Utaži, Gospodine, moju glad za osobom povjerenja, osobom koja ima vremena i ljubavi za drugoga. Osobom koja ne važe, koja ne mjeri, koja nije zaokupljena prvenstveno sobom. Koja zna čuti nečije teškoće i onda kada samo šutnja progovara. Osobom koja će bez uvrijeđenosti saslušati ono što možda i ne želi čuti. Pomozi mi da tu osobu tražim jedino u Tebi. Znaš i sam koliko sam puta ranjena zbog neprisutnosti osoba koje bi mi trebale biti blizu. Razočarana jer se netko od najbližih ne sjeti da mi je potreban ili se ne sjeti nečega što nije trebao previdjeti. Boli me kada primijetim da me netko uopće ne sluša ili me potpuno ignorira. Gospodine, pomozi mi ispuniti te praznine. Pomozi mi drugome biti poput Tebe. Biti netko tko zna drugome biti blizak, tko zna biti bližnji. Biti netko tko ima vremena i ljubavi za drugoga. Isuse, održao si svoje obećanje da ćeš biti s nama u sve dane do svršetka svijeta. Dao si nam sebe u Kruhu života. Na Tebe više nitko ne mora čekati, Isuse, u svakom času si sama prisutnost. Na svakoj Misi, u svakoj Pričesti. Hvala Ti, Isuse, na tom daru. Hvala ti što se i meni daruješ svojim Tijelom i svojom Krvlju. Više nisam sama, nisam prepuštena samoj sebi. Hvala Ti, Isuse …Suzana Monika Suzana Monika IL SORRISO DI MARIA 7 mtSptoniuhsaceormed · Santa Madre di Lourdes, madre degli infermi, poni sotto il tuo manto i malati terminali. Accoglili sotto il tuo Santo Manto e dona pace e Serenità alle loro famiglie. Heliga Lourdes moder, sjuka moder, sätt dödssjuk under din mantel. Välkomna dem under din Heliga Manto och ge fred och stillhet till deras familjer. Redigera eller ta bort detta Gilla · Svara · 1m Suzana Monika Suzana Monika Fani Kovač‎ till Jezus te ljubi ♥ Jesus loves you 5tS Stponcsoreigdocfmf · Tolaži Oče žalostne otroke! Tolaži Oče žalostne otroke, ki v stiskah in nemiru trepetamo, priznanja in ljubezni ne poznamo, slabotne nam in vklenjene so roke. Trplenje reže rane nam globoke in križ težak nam upogiba ramo. Srce je v najbritkejših urah samo: suh list na sredi reke je široke. Tolaži Oče žalostne otroke: poslal je Sina ,da za nas trpi. Poslal Edinca,da za nas umre! Objele so nas prebodene roke in dvigajo nas tja,kjer angeli nas venčajo,se z nami vesele. Kristus je Bog z nami. in sicer je navzoč in deluje v Cerkvi in po Cerkvi. Cerkev je po Kristusovi in po Božji volji orodje odrešenjskega Božjega delovanja. *Pod tvoje varstvo pribežimo,o sveta Božja Porodnica*. * O Marija,Ti vedno siješ na naši poti kot znamenje odrešenja in upanja.* AMEN! Bekväm far till ledsna barn! Bekväm far ledsna barn, som vi darrar av problem och ångest, Vi vet inte igenkänning och kärlek, Våra händer är svaga och handbojor. Att lida skär ner våra sår djupt och ett tungt kors böjer vår axel. Hjärtat är bara i snabbaste timmarna: Torrlövet mitt i älven är brett. Bekväm far till ledsna barn: han skickade sin son för att lida för oss. Skickat en Edinburgh för att dö för oss! Vi blev kramade av de piercade händerna och de lyfter upp oss där änglar är de gifter sig med oss, de är nöjda med oss. Kristus är Gud med oss. och det är närvarande och fungerar i kyrkan och efter kyrkan. Kyrkan är ute efter Kristus och enligt Guds vilja, verktyg frälsningen av Guds agerande. * Vi springer under din vård, åh Guds fosterland *. * O Mary, du skiner alltid på vår väg som ett tecken på frälsning och hopp.* ÄNDRA! · Betygsätt den här översättningen La Luce Di Maria È Nei Nostri Cuori. har lagt till ett 3D-foto Isgånarutc mkolgaScf.fgpo 0in7Ss:4oitredd8 · ‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨ ‼️⚜️‼️Gesù all'anima:‼️⚜️‼️ Abbracciati alla mia Croce e cerca conforto e la forza nelle tue pene da me, crocifisso per te. Abbi fede nel mio amore che non ti abbandona e nella protezione di Maria, che ti è Mamma amorosissima. Tu soffri nel tuo interno e non sai manifestare le tue pene, ma io le vedo e ti consolo con grazie speciali di amore. Ti benedico con la tua famiglia. ‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨‼️⚜️✨ ‼️⚜️!! ️ Jesus till själen :‼ ️!! ️ Omfamna dig till mitt kors och sök tröst och styrka i dina sorger från mig, korsfäst för dig. Tro på min kärlek som inte överger dig och på skyddet av Mary, som är underbar mamma. Du lider inuti och du vet inte hur du ska visa dina sorger, men jag ser dem och trösta dig med ett speciellt tack av kärlek. Jag välsignar dig med din familj. Redigera eller ta bort detta Gilla · Svara · 1 min. Suzana Monika Suzana Monika amen https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=407414197090353&set=gm.3643338919056069&type=1&theater

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